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Installing Remix OS then Unrooting it for Playing Android Games [Quick Guide]


[Updated 130717] Okay, I’ve been busy with life related obstacles but it seems that this post has been going about so its best for me to update it so it is more convenient for everyone who plans to use Remix OS. As of Summer 2016 Redux update, the login issue is currently clear. Although it may spring up again, make sure you bind your account after every successful movement. MEmu is also working for those who prefer to use the emulator.

I didn’t have a better title so let’s go with that. This guide is a quick and simple run down on what you need to do to install Remix OS and unroot it. This is still in construction and I’ll be updating it with better details if I have enough time. I do suggest to go around and read up what is Remix OS beforehand.

Basically Remix OS is an Android OS you can install on the computer with relative ease to run Android apps. If you install it on a computer with an existing OS, such as Windows 10, you will be dual booting it. Dual boot means having 2 or more OS installed in your computer. During boot process, you can choose which OS you can go into. The usual purpose of dual booting is to run different coded programs under different OS such as Windows and Linux.

Why would you want to unroot it? Well, to play certain games of course. Lately Android games are locked from running on rooted devices and emulators making certain groups of people unable to play their mobile games. Not everyone has a good enough phone to run certain games and possibly other reasons. The default Remix OS comes with root files in the system although you do not have actual access to them. This is detected by the apps which causes them to be unable to run. Do note that Remix OS needs the root files to work normally and some functions may not work with them removed. 

First of all, I like to note that I take no responsibility if any problems occur to your computer. Under normal circumstances, the installation of Remix OS is very simple compared to other options.

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Nendroid Kirby



Price: ~4000 YEN

This was a random purchase on my part. As random as it was, I preordered it months in advance. It was truly a good purchase on my side as it is one of Good Smile Company’s latest innovation.

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MG 1/100 Gundam Amazing Exia Review (Quickie)



Price: 4800 YEN (outside of Japan will be quoted higher)

Been a while since I posted anything interesting here’s a quickie. A short while ago I manage to get this limited release Exia through my existing contacts. Wasn’t much pricier than getting the standard release MG 1/100 Gundam Exia Dark Matter so it was a no-brainer for me as I liked this variation more. Additionally, it comes with all the Dark Matter parts, just molded in the Amazing’s colors.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard – Budget Legend Deck for Shadow Paladin



(I may not type the full names of the cards but you should know or be able to cross-check with Cardfight Wikia.)

Grade 4
1x Grimm Recruiter
1x Dragruler Revenant (G-FC01 RRR)
2x Aurageyser Dragon (G-BT03 RRR)
4x Phantom Blaster “Diablo”
Grade 3
4x Blaster Dark “Diablo”
2x Mordred Phantom (TD10)
2x Cormac (EB11 RR)
Grade 2
2x Blaster Dark (BT04 R)
2x Macha (BT04 RRR)
3x Dorint
2x Mana (BT15 R)
2x Mackart (EB11 RR)
Grade 1
4x Sentinels*
2x Stride Fodder (G-BT03 R)
2x Shadow Lancer (BT15 C)
2x Dark Heart Trumpeter
2x Claudas
2x Charon
Grade 0
6-8x Critical Triggers
4-6x Draw Triggers
4x Heal Triggers
*You can mix up the Sentinels to your needs. In the photo, I placed 1 Quintet Wall due to the nature of the tourney, otherwise 4 Sentinels of your choice is best to protect you. I personally prefer the old ones as I won’t be open to Dimension Police now unrestricted Laurel or be forced to draw with Nemain.
About the triggers, you can just use the ones from the Legend Deck as default. I didn’t use Howl Owl here because they were being used in another, more main, deck. 6 draws have 2 main purpose. 1 is in case you get rushed. 2 is to help you draw into the units you need faster, however, your deck cannot survive a long game.

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It Truly Has Been A While




While I transit to another stage of life, since last year, I’ve been too preoccupied to make any posts on my blog. I may be somewhat active on FB but that’s a quick communications platform social network that has been good to me to do some of my stuff, although not entirely.

This year’s New Years build goes to SD Ex-Standard Wing Gundam Zero Custom and MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero. I find the new Ex-Standard quite fun to build, while simpler and straightforward. The color detail may be less than before but they make up with lots of stickers to cover the obvious areas up, a decent paint job will make it look much better of course. They have sharper faces/heads are partly follow their MG/RG counterparts in updated design, tweak to fit the SD frame. Well, everyone has elbow joints now. Unfortunately, you get a small set of weapons unlike before. Other than RX78-2 that I’ve built, they rest only came with their primary guns, no beam saber toothpick even.

As for the Proto Zero, I’ve been itching to get it for some time. I had the chance to last month and decided to pick it up. There’s hardly any fault in model kit design, its beautiful and displays majestically in its signature poses.

That’s all for this quick “been a while” post, I may also be posting about other things as time goes by, as long as I have the time too as well. Thanks for reading. :)

HGBF 1/144 Transient Gundam Review



 Price: 1800Yen

It has been a while from the last post and somehow, it happens to be another Exia variant that gets reviewed. Technically G-Self, Try Burning and Star Winning are in queue but I felt like posting this first as I have a bit of time at hand. I somehow made it a habit to photograph what I build whenever I can so it may lead to a write-up when the chance comes around.

Suit Brief

This is the Gunpla used by Kijima Wilfrid from Celestial Being Sphere from Gunpla Academy. He’s one of the best of the best. Its main weapons are the GN Partisans that comes in a pair. It can split off and work as Bits. It has a special move call Transient Burst which he used later in the series (streams of blue particles in the form of wings appears on its back).

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HGBF 1/144 Hi-Mock Not-Review


1381766_10200366919973066_1480476450162505334_n11073566_10200366920213072_663502147023789022_n12484_10200366920613082_7823680819891540749_n10152418_10200366921893114_7318660716907641743_n I’ll leave this here for your own interpretation of what is happening between the Hi-Mock and Star Winning Gundam.

What do you think happens at the end? :v


10995892_10200718512442658_3935275019239737519_n11207300_10200718519642838_1337202230805747735_n 10983721_10200718550043598_417620821128477717_n 11393067_10200718542283404_501384977699954731_n 11536135_10200718531123125_8257603221296628540_n This was supposed to be for a short review on the Puccigguy (Burning Red) but there isn’t much to say. It has simple joints, much like an SD. The overall construction will only take you half an hour without advance techniques. A cute kit that will attract many hearts to purchase it too.

These shots were a random ongoing compilation of the good guy Hi-Mock.