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It Truly Has Been A While




While I transit to another stage of life, since last year, I’ve been too preoccupied to make any posts on my blog. I may be somewhat active on FB but that’s a quick communications platform social network that has been good to me to do some of my stuff, although not entirely.

This year’s New Years build goes to SD Ex-Standard Wing Gundam Zero Custom and MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero. I find the new Ex-Standard quite fun to build, while simpler and straightforward. The color detail may be less than before but they make up with lots of stickers to cover the obvious areas up, a decent paint job will make it look much better of course. They have sharper faces/heads are partly follow their MG/RG counterparts in updated design, tweak to fit the SD frame. Well, everyone has elbow joints now. Unfortunately, you get a small set of weapons unlike before. Other than RX78-2 that I’ve built, they rest only came with their primary guns, no beam saber toothpick even.

As for the Proto Zero, I’ve been itching to get it for some time. I had the chance to last month and decided to pick it up. There’s hardly any fault in model kit design, its beautiful and displays majestically in its signature poses.

That’s all for this quick “been a while” post, I may also be posting about other things as time goes by, as long as I have the time too as well. Thanks for reading. :)

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