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HGBF Gundam Amazing Exia is Truly Amazing



This is just another one of those short posts since I haven’t posted any actual content on this blog for months again. As I pursue, slowly, my next stage of life, I became even busier than before. Those who know me would see occasional posts on a certain social website still.

At any rate, this piece of Amazing wasn’t planned to be bought so soon. I can call it a gift actually which I built with extra care as I haven’t built anything since Dark Matter. I’ve yet to build the RG Exia I bought as I really want to make it look nice, sans painting.

As for this Amazing Exia, its pretty much the same as Dark Matter, except you get a few more parts – at the same price. The colors are overall nicer to me although I prefer red over blue – Exia is nicer when its blue. Only when its in Trans-AM would red look good on it, at least for me. :p

One main thing to note is that Amazing didn’t have the problems I came across when building Dark Matter. Some of Dark Matter’s parts cracked when I was building it, to my surprise. Amazing is really solid, like any other HG Exia I built in the past. It truly is Amazing.

I was initially worried that the GN Sword shield would be 2-pieces like Dark Matter but it was completely different in shape and design. The shield was actually properly color separated. At the same time, I really wished they updated the Exia’s articulation like they did with Strike. Another time perhaps.

In short, Amazing Exia is a great buy for Exia fans and Build Fighter fans. The only negative is that the main body’s articulation is dated and inferior to the likes of Build Strike/Burning.

That’s all for now~

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