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HGBF 1/144 Transient Gundam Review



 Price: 1800Yen

It has been a while from the last post and somehow, it happens to be another Exia variant that gets reviewed. Technically G-Self, Try Burning and Star Winning are in queue but I felt like posting this first as I have a bit of time at hand. I somehow made it a habit to photograph what I build whenever I can so it may lead to a write-up when the chance comes around.

Suit Brief

This is the Gunpla used by Kijima Wilfrid from Celestial Being Sphere from Gunpla Academy. He’s one of the best of the best. Its main weapons are the GN Partisans that comes in a pair. It can split off and work as Bits. It has a special move call Transient Burst which he used later in the series (streams of blue particles in the form of wings appears on its back).

Section 1: Box

transient002 transient003 transient004


Section 2: Box Open!transient005 transient007 transient008 transient009

It doesn’t really have that many of a content at a glimpse, mainly due to not having such a large array of armaments in the first place.transient010 transient011 transient012 transient013 transient014 transient015

As with Portent, Transient too comes with a stand. I like how Bandai made this stand as it is portable in design and just right for basic HG needs.

Section 3: Building Process

Section 3.1: Torso


Looks very simple and improves on the chest area of the original Exia which, although looks nice and design accurate, easily came off. I sharpened the chest fin.transient017 transient018


Section 3.2: Headtransient019

I sharpened the V-fin. Be careful when handling the V-fin piece as it combines together with the faceplate and side-fins.transient020 transient021

I feel like there is a need to mod the fins as the face looks a bit “derpy” and well, not very “cool”.

Section 3.3: Arms

transient022 transient023 transient024

The arms are like a sharpened Amazing Exia arms, just very white and with updated joints. I sharpened the shoulder armor too. I wish they gave the normal holding hands for holding normal weapons but I guess you can use the ones from any HG Exia as the hand design is exactly the same.



They also made the vulcan holes bigger for Transient allowing for you to insert the Exia beam saber parts. At this stage, I had half the mind to grab another Transient and make an updated Amazing Exia which seems quite plausible and relatively simple to execute with minor cutting.

Section 3.4: Legs
transient026 transient027 transient028

The only thing I can say is how I dislike the feet. They look fine in the lineart but they fall flat here. They are kinda small and Transient looks awkward standing (so you don’t see me putting it firmly on the ground although it can). The feet is somewhat like Reborns but it doesn’t have any aesthetic for standing, IMHO.

Section 3.5: Waisttransient029 transient030 transient031

Relatively simple waist, nothing to say except that Transient, much like Amazing, doesn’t come with beam sabers.

Section 3.6: Backpacktransient032 transient033 transient034

The lower blue piece was kinda loose for mine so do be careful when handling Transient if yours have the same problem. I feel like Transient can pass by other Gunpla and slash them with its very body with its sharpness thus far. ^^;

Section 3.7: Stand
transient035 transient036

Its a good, portable, given stand. Its like those SD stands usually given.

Section 3.8: GN Patisan

transient037 transient038

Section 4: Articulation


As you can see, it has great articulation all around, finally moving the Exia variants forward (although Portent came first in the product line, Transient is closer to Exia in overall design). Just that the feet is awkward and not as flexible as I thought. I guess that’s why the stand is provided?


(Add-on): Rear shot.

Section 5: Action!

Actually I forgot to make a proper front/back shot so I directly jump to the more dynamic captures, although most of them are done without a proper background.transient039 transient040

Transient looks intimidating with both its partisans out.

transient041 transient042 transient043


Section X: Amazing Transient

transient044The peg is the right size but the rear collar prevents me from simply inserting it in, unfortunately.

transient045 transient046 transient047

The connection points on the arms, although not used by the Transient normally, are fully Exia weapon compatible as you can see it easily equipping Amazing’s armaments.transient048 transient049 transient050 transient051 transient053 transient054 transient055 transient056

For those who love to do more with their Gunpla, Transient is quite open to bashing with all the Exia variants. I think you can make something awesome out of it if you are hardworking enough and willing to cut some plastic around. ;)

Section 6: Conclusion

transient057I didn’t take as many photos, especially for certain angles (mainly the rear) so I’ll probably add that in later on if I have the time to shoot some more photos.


  • Finally an updated frame for an Exia variant.
  • Great articulation.
  • Colored clear parts.


  • Face
  • Feet

Overall its a great kit with minor flaws. With its mostly white body, Transient, other than looking nice, can be a great mod base for many Exia inspirations. You probably can easily mix it around with past Exia kits to make something “really sharp” with “lots of swords”.

That’s all for now. Its a relatively simple review, to be honest. Bandai is getting better with each release and HGs are getting more solid over time, except for the times when Bandai decides to be lazy that is.


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  1. 08/07/2015 8:16 pm

    if you decide ti mod the head…please do post about it

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