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Cardfight!! Vanguard – Budget Legend Deck for Shadow Paladin



(I may not type the full names of the cards but you should know or be able to cross-check with Cardfight Wikia.)

Grade 4
1x Grimm Recruiter
1x Dragruler Revenant (G-FC01 RRR)
2x Aurageyser Dragon (G-BT03 RRR)
4x Phantom Blaster “Diablo”
Grade 3
4x Blaster Dark “Diablo”
2x Mordred Phantom (TD10)
2x Cormac (EB11 RR)
Grade 2
2x Blaster Dark (BT04 R)
2x Macha (BT04 RRR)
3x Dorint
2x Mana (BT15 R)
2x Mackart (EB11 RR)
Grade 1
4x Sentinels*
2x Stride Fodder (G-BT03 R)
2x Shadow Lancer (BT15 C)
2x Dark Heart Trumpeter
2x Claudas
2x Charon
Grade 0
6-8x Critical Triggers
4-6x Draw Triggers
4x Heal Triggers
*You can mix up the Sentinels to your needs. In the photo, I placed 1 Quintet Wall due to the nature of the tourney, otherwise 4 Sentinels of your choice is best to protect you. I personally prefer the old ones as I won’t be open to Dimension Police now unrestricted Laurel or be forced to draw with Nemain.
About the triggers, you can just use the ones from the Legend Deck as default. I didn’t use Howl Owl here because they were being used in another, more main, deck. 6 draws have 2 main purpose. 1 is in case you get rushed. 2 is to help you draw into the units you need faster, however, your deck cannot survive a long game.

Basics of the Deck
This deck is relatively cheap to build as most of the materials are low priced or already part of the Legend Deck. The only pricy catch here is Aurageyser which you’ll need 2 pcs of, no need more than that. The point of Aurageyser is to set up Blaster Dark “Diablo”‘s GB2 as fast as possible which allows you to Stride into “Blaster” named G Units with cards of any Grade from hand.
As such, to make Aurageyser’s cost as easy it is on you as possible, we have Macha, Mana and Charon available who are there for “lose 1 for 2”. Both Macha and Mana pulls out a card under them with Mana calling for free. Macha is usually not used for Aurageyser’s cost as it will use up at least 3 counterblasts that turn. She is usually used to call Dark Heart Trumpeter and any other Grade 1 you need.
Going down, you notice that I’ve place Mordred Phantom and Cormac into the mix. Mordred Phantom is there in case the opponent wants to play the Grade 2 game as well as to be a better choice of a first ride if you go to Grade 3 first. Otherwise, if you are able to Stride normally, its best to skip directly to Blaster Dark “Diablo”. In case of long matches, you may need to Legion and that’s where Cormac comes in. Phantom Blaster “Abyss” would be a better choice if not for the price and need to restructure this deck for its finisher.
The deck is a “mid-speed” deck. Unlike a pure Revenger deck, this deck doesn’t do much in the early part of the match hence the presence of Blaster Dark and Macha. I usually don’t like to use Macha early due to the potential call chain mentioned prior but she helps if you ate a lot of damage early and you need the field to clear some of your opponent’s attackers or to counter rush. Blaster Dark, if you ever get the chance to use, is good for the needs of early retiring. You don’t necessarily need to use it but seeing an Odysseus on the field id good enough reason to run his effect.
The Grade 2/1s are mostly 2 each except the Sentinels as you need a variety of skills to get though the game. As I’ve played Vanguard more, having more variety in your deck helps and its easier to do so in a deck that specifically chooses what to call.
Shadow Lancer has 2 purposes, 1 for Mana to call, another 1 for you to pick up Mordred Phantom of you think necessary for that match, or to simply filter out Hrade 3s from the deck. The Stride Fodder is necessary in this format as you can’t expect to have the Grade 3s to drop everytime nor the desire to drop 2 or more cards for Stride cost, unless its the only way to end game.
Dorint/Claudas are your attackers, unflippers and booster. Self explanatory.
You don’t need so many Charons since his main purpose is to limit the number of cards retired for Phantom Blaster “Diablo”‘s guard restriction cost. You wouldn’t want to leave your field vulnerable against another Diablo player, would you? You may find it interesting how I win automagically just because opponents left 2 or less rearguards before being hit by Diablo at 4-5 damage.

Overall, this is my fun deck for Shadow Paladin. I made it from whatever cards I have extra lying around. Interestingly, it does well in my local, partly dependent on matchups, but a quick wit is also necessary to play this card game other than trigger luck. Have fun, if you decide to use this idea for your budget Shadow Paladins. The Legend Deck, as itself, still works well if not for the Ripple game.

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