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Nendroid Kirby



Price: ~4000 YEN

This was a random purchase on my part. As random as it was, I preordered it months in advance. It was truly a good purchase on my side as it is one of Good Smile Company’s latest innovation.

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Unlike most Nendroids, Kirby doesn’t have a single joint on him. This figure uses magnets. The limbs can be taken off and move about the body. As far as I’ve played with it, there are no problems except the slight gaps of the limbs when you placed the parts on odd areas. The base body is just a round “ball with a face”. Its difficult to balance it without the provided stand but you can always try to stand Kirby with his own two feet. XD

Overall its a cute and innovative figure that may take you in with its cuteness. A worthy purchase for fans of Kirby at the very least.

PS: The photos were taken impromptu like as I did it at a friend’s shop hence the crappy lightings. I should take him out to play in the near future.

That’s all for now folks!

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