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Re-Standing Vanguards in Cardfight!! Vanguard – A Look at Gains & Losses


UPDATED: 20 March 2014

There have been a rise of “standing Vanguards” in Cardfight!! Vanguard lately. Re-Standing Vanguards allow you to have another attack with your Vanguard which ultimately lets you drive check again at a certain cost and/or condition. There are two types of standing Vanguards I will discuss about, one is by its own skill while the other is by special condition by riding again during battle phase. Riding again in battle phase will usually lead to a new Vanguard in stand position, allowing you another attack.

As for calculation, I’ll be using a simple base of drawing 3 cards per turn normally. 1 card from draw phase and 2 cards from Twin Drive (excluding draw triggers). The draw phase is negligible as it isn’t affected by any card effects for now. Thus, from any drive checks at Grade 3, you’re supposed to have 2 more cards at the end of the turn. Standing your Vanguard again does not usually come at a cheap cost or easy condition. To some, you may wonder, is it worth it to stand my Vanguard again?

  1. Draw Phase +1 card.
  2. Twin Drive +2 cards.
  3. Draw Triggers are a special variable which are totally luck dependent but useful for high cost standing Vanguards.

Note: All images are from Cardfight Wikia and are meant for reference only.

Kagero – Pioneer of Re-Standing Vanguards

Dragonic Overlord (Grade 3 – 11000 Power)


  • Counterblast 3 and this unit gains another 5000 Power and a skill for the remainder of that turn. Whenever its attack hits a rearguard, it may stand again although it loses Twin Drive. If it successfully attack hit 2 rearguards (max) and then attack the Vanguard after that, you can drive check up to 3 times.
  • If successful, you gain 1 additional card.
  • If it fails, you lose 1 card as you don’t get to Twin Drive.
  • Alternatively, you can use this card as a rearguard unit that can attack up to 3 times with the skill active making stand triggers very dangerous with this unit.

Dragonic Overlord The End (Grade 3 – 11000/13000 Power)


  • When Dragonic Overlord is in the soul, this unit gets +2000 Power.
  • This one is less costly than Dragonic Overlord but has a high condition of discarding a card of the same name. When this unit’s attack hit, counterblast 2 and discard another “Dragonic Overlord The End” from your hand then it can stand once more with Twin Drive!
  • Every time you successfully stand, you gain 1 additional card.
  • Regardless if it hits or not, there are also not easily seen advantages to this card especially when you utilize it with certain cards such as Heatnail Salamander.
  • Update: With the new Dragonic Overlord, you may Cross Break Ride into this unit for a devastating attack!

Dauntless Drive Dragon (Grade 3 – 11000 Power)


  • This one is counterblast-less but you need to ride another Kagero over it to enable its skill when you have at least 4 damage (Break Ride). When another Kagero rides over this unit, that unit also gets +10000 Power until the end of turn.
  • After you attack and your Vanguard has not stand again that turn, discard 3 Kagero cards from your hand and stand your Vanguard again.
  • It does not require you to hit but if you combo this card with Dragonic Overlord The End, you need to use Dauntless’s skill prior.
  • This makes ANY Grade 3 or higher Kagero gain the ability to stand once again from the Break Ride skill.
  • You lose 2 cards as you need to ride 1 card and discard 3 cards to activate its effect.

Dragonic Overlord (Grade 3 – 11000 Power)


  • This is the new Dragonic Overlord, same name but different skill! After it fell into a slumber, it awoken to new powers!
  • When you ride another Kagero over this unit at 4 damage or greater, you’ll gain +10000 Power and the skill to stand the Vanguard again after you attack a rearguard (counterblast 1, discard 1 Kagero from your hand as cost). This skill can only be used once per turn.
  • This card works for Dragonic Overlord The End in order for it to Cross Ride!
  • You effectively gain 0 cards as you need to ride another unit and discard 1 hand card for the ability. However, if you ride a Cross Ride unit, this can be a +1 card advantage.
  • PS: This also means Kagero gets a second Break Ride that allows any of their Vanguards to attack at least twice in one turn.

Dragonic Overlord “The Яe-birth” (Grade 3 – 11000/13000 Power)


  • This is the new Cross Ride for Dragonic Overlord which utilizes the power of Reverse! Either versions of “Dragonic Overlord” can be used to Cross Ride into this unit!
  • When you have 4 or more damage, you can activate his skill by paying the cost – counterblast 1 and lock 1 or more Kagero rearguards. If you have 5 or more lock cards on your field, this unit gains +10000 Power and the skill to stand again after attacking the Vanguard (discard 2 Kagero from your hand as cost). This skill can only be used once per turn.
  • You cannot stack its re-standing ability with Dauntless Drive Dragon to attack the Vanguard 3 times in a row as both skills are triggered at the same time the moment you attacked the Vanguard once and you can pick only 1 to activate then while the other will have “missed timing”.
  • This unit is best used with the new Dragonic Overlord and the new starter for Overlord named Vanguards (when an Overlord hits an opponent’s unit, you may choose 1 of your opponent’s rearguards and retire it).
  • The weakness of this card is that its re-standing ability sacrifices your rearguard attacks and potentially become open to Star Vader, Omega Grandiose’s Limit Break 5 (Ultimate Break) effect next turn if you do not finish off your opponent when you used the Limit Break skill.
  • You effectively gain 0 cards as you need to discard 2 hand cards to re-stand this unit.

Painful Cost to Pay – Narukami

Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant (Grade 3 – 11000 Power)


  • This is what Dauntless Drive Dragon is based on so their skills and cost are quite similar but not exactly the same.
  • When your attack does not hit and you have 4 or more damage (Limit Break), you may pay the cost (counterblast 1 and drop from your hand 3 Eradicator named cards) to stand again with +1 Critical.
  • If you stand again, you lose 1 card.
  • The +1 Critical has made this card a strong card in the meta and has been staple to many Eradicator builds for the current restriction of 2 of this cards per deck. The cost is quite bearable as Eradicators has a second set of draw triggers given to them already.
  • PS: Break Riding into this card will give you a huge boost of advantage as you retire your opponent’s rearguard(s) as well as power.

Eradicator, First Thunder Dracokid


Eradicator, Sweep Command Dragon


  • Does not actually stand by itself through normal means but it has a similar effect to standing the Vanguard again when done at the right moment.
  • If you use the starting Vanguard “Eradicator, First Thunder Dracokid” and you happen to retire an opponent’s rearguard while your Vanguard is a Grade 3 or higher Eradicator, send it to soul and check the top 10 cards of your deck. If there is a card named “Eradicator, Sweep Command Dragon” among them, ride it.
  • If you manage to superior ride it in battle phase, you gain 1 card effectively (as you have to soul charge “Eradicator, First Thunder Dracokid” in the first place). If you use its effect to retire a rearguard along the way, you gain no extra cards. If you activate its Limit Break skill, you gain 1 card.
  • You can superior break ride with this card which can give you greater gains.
  • As you retire your opponent rearguards with this card, the effects of gain and loss are highly variable as your opponent makes losses as well.

Nova Grapplers – Stand Experts

Mr. Invincible (Grade 3 – 10000 Power)


  • This one is a Megablast (Counterblast 5, Soulblast 8) unit and its rather difficult to achieve in a quick manner in Nova Grapplers as they barely have any Soul Charge cards. You need to hit in order to fulfill one of the requires of this Megablast unit.
  • If you manage to pull the Megablast off, you gain 2 cards and more attacks (it can stand ANY CLAN units).
  • Unlike any other unit here, the skill can be done from the rearguard zone.

Stern Blaukluger (Grade 3 – 10000/11000 Power)


  • One of the popular units in Cardfight!! Vanguard who will soon get a Cross Ride of its own.
  • This unit has a difficult condition as well as a relatively high cost. First you need to hit the Vanguard and when you stand again, you need to discard 2 Nova Grapplers from your hand and you lose Twin Drive.
  • This is the only unit that allows you to stand the rearguard on the same column as this unit when it stands again giving it possibly more power than before (Dancing Wolf).
  • If you stand again, you lose 1 card.

Galaxy Blaukluger (Grade 3 – 11000/13000 Power)


  • This is Stern Blaukluger’s Cross Ride! When Stern Blaukluger is in the soul, this unit gets +2000 Power!
  • The skill is still in hot debate but it has 2 conditions to fulfill. 1st you need one of your Vanguard or rearguards to hit. 2nd the moment one of your “Blau” named Vanguard or rearguards first hit the Vanguard, you may then pay the cost, counterblast 2 and discard 2 Nova Grappler from your hand, to stand Galaxy Blaukluger and the unit that is on the same column as it. Basically, you need one of your “Blau” named units to hit the Vanguard after your Vanguard has attacked.
  • When you have 4 or more damage, during this turn when any of your “Blau” named units attack hits the Vanguard, counterblast 2 and discard 2 Nova Grappler from hand, to stand this unit and its booster for another attack!
  • Do note that you must pay the cost the moment when a “Blau” unit attack hits the Vanguard or else you’ll “miss timing”. Thus, ensure that either this unit is the one who hits the Vanguard first or one of your “Blau” named rearguards hits the Vanguard when this unit is already at rest.
  • Unlike the original unit, you may only stand once per turn due to the limitation of “first attack hit the Vanguard with a Blau named unit” although you do keep your Twin Drive!
  • This unit provides one of the highest level of pressure thus far as any unit within its family to hit the opponent’s Vanguard to enable it to stand again.
  • If you stand again, you gain no extra cards.

Deadliest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster “Reverse” (Grade 3 – 11000/13000 Power)


  • This is the 2nd Cross Break Ride of Beast Deity, Ethics Buster – the first Break Ride unit for Nova Grapplers. His other form is Strongest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster “Extreme”.
  • This is the first re-standing Reverse unit part of a series which I find interesting in the current releases from Bushiroad as Reverse cards are ALL ACT effects and Cross Rides.
  • This unit skill is an activate, quite similar to Dragonic Overlord, by which you counterblast 2, discard 2 cards with the name Beast Deity from your hand and lock 2 of your Nova Grappler Rearguards. This unit gains a skill by which when this unit attacks a Vanguard, at the close step of that battle, stand this unit again. Unfortunately or fortunately (for your opponent), the skill can only be used once per turn.
  • If you Cross Break Ride with Beast Deity, Ethics Buster successfully, you can stand your front row Nova Grappler rearguards TWICE. The skill gained from the Break Ride is that when your Vanguard attacks, you can stand your front row rearguards. Pretty killer combo I have to say if you manage to pull it off successfully. You can do an amazing 8 attack combo if you have enough rearguards by the time you Break Ride.
  • From the set in which this card comes from (BT13), you officially can build a complete Beast Deity deck!
  • If you stand again, you gain 0 cards BUT you lose 2 units which could have made it a more painful attack that turn as they have been locked away from use that turn. They are also wide open to Star-Vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon’s Limit Break skill as well. So think wisely when using this card!

Dimension Police – The Ones Who Carries Justice

There is no actual Vanguard in Dimension Police that can stand by itself but this clan has a very special rearguard that makes every Vanguard in this clan able to stand again!

Commander Laurel (Grade 1, 4000 Power, rearguard ability)


  • When your Dimension Police Vanguard attacks hit, you may rest 4 Dimension Police rearguards (including this unit) to stand it again (with all the power bonuses from triggers).
  • Every time your Vanguard stands, you gain another drive check (Grade 2 and below) and another Twin Drive (Grade 3) which is a bonus 1 or 2 cards per turn.
  • You lose 2 attacks, however, in the process. This unit only has 4000 Power as well.

Gold Paladin – Best Friends Forever

Spectral Duke Dragon (Grade 3 – 10000/11000 Power)


  • It has very good synergy with most Gold Paladin combos outside of the Liberator Legion especially with its ride chain, even with Break Ride units.
  • This unit’s ride chain will make its cost lighter as well as gives you the chance to attack earlier without fear of rearguard loss. That’s another story altogether to discuss though.
  • Superior call units makes it easier to pay the cost to stand.
  • After this unit attacks the Vanguard and you have 4 or more damage (Limit Break), counterblast 2 and retire 3 of your Gold Paladin rearguards to stand again without Twin Drive.
  • If you stand again, you lose 2 cards.
  • It is possible to stand again if you manage to superior call another unit but you end up losing a total of 4 cards in that turn (although some of them were “free” from superior calls).
  • Best done when you need to reformat your field from random superior calls.

White Hare in the Moon’s Shadow, Pellinore (Grade 3 – 10000 Power)


  • Does not actually stand by itself through normal means but it has a similar effect to standing the Vanguard again when done at the right moment. It can be used in any Gold Paladin deck that focuses on battle phase superior calling.
  • When this unit is superior called from the deck regardless of which phase you are in and your opponent has a Grade 2 or higher Vanguard, you may discard 1 card from your hand and move it from rearguard to Vanguard zone. When it is placed on Vanguard from this skill, it assumes stand position.
  • If you managed to do this in battle phase, you gain 1 card.
  • There are a few variables that goes along it such as superior calling Lop Ear Shooter to pull him out which is a +1/-1 offset by itself until you have to call over existing units to continue the chain as you need to discard a card to utilize their skills.

Shadow Paladins – No You Don’t Actually Get Extra

Revenger, Raging Folm Dragon (Grade 3 – 11000 Power)


  • This card is VERY similar to Spectral Duke Dragon except it can be done a maximum of 3 times and reduces as your extra copies of the card goes to the damage zone.
  • It is HIGHLY dependent on Tartu and Darkbond Trumpeter or any cards in Shadow Paladin that can help you fill up the field or your hand. Otherwise, the skill is very self-destructive if done blindly.
  • Best done by Break Riding over Mordred Phantom for power as well as a free rearguard (with a 5000 Power bonus).
  • After this unit attacks the Vanguard and you have 4 or more damage (Limit Break), retire 3 of your Revenger named Shadow Paladin rearguards and ride another “Revenger, Raging Folm Dragon” from your hand in stand position. It gets +10000 Power as well to make the next attack have a higher chance to hit.
  • If you stand again, you lose 2 cards, although the lost may not be as bad thanks to Revenger’s good superior call support (unless you called everything from hand).

Royal Paladin – The Forgotten

WAIT, since when Royal Paladin has a standing Vanguard? Well, it doesn’t but there is one and only one method with supreme luck required to be successful. You’ll need two units for this to work out and you will need two levels of luck, the later being quite out there.

Battle Flag Knight, Constance (Grade 2 – 9000 Power)


Sage of Guidance, Zenon (Grade 1 – 6000 Power)


  • When this unit’s attack hit the Vanguard, counterblast 2 and superior call a Grade 1 or lower Royal Paladin to a rearguard circle.
  • Superior call Sage of Guidance, Zenon. Its skill is that if your Vanguard is a Royal Paladin, check the top card of your deck, if it is a Royal Paladin of the same Grade as your Vanguard, ride it. Else, send the card to the drop zone.
  • A risky move but if you manage to do, you get to superior ride and gain another Vanguard attack!
  • A successful combo will net you at least 2 cards extra (Grade 2) or at least 3 cards extra (Grade 3).

Aqua Force – The CEO’s Favorite Child

Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra Drive Dragon (Grade 3 – 11000 Power)


  • This unit has a complex standing skill and is rearguard dependent in order to fulfill it completely.
  • After this unit attack the Vanguard and that was the 2nd battle of the turn and you have 4 or more damage (Limit Break), it will get an interesting skill. After your rearguards does the 4th battle of that turn, you may stand this unit again with counterblast 2 and discarding 2 Aqua Force cards from your hand.
  • If you stand again, you gain 0 cards.
  • You can only stand once per turn as the skill states 2nd and 4th battles specifically.

As you can see, standing again does not necessarily make you gain card advantage but sometimes can make you lose card advantage along the way. It is in no way to discourage standing again as when you decide to stand your Vanguard again is totally up to you as a player. Re-Standing Vanguards has a better chance at getting in another attack that can situation-ally win a game when your standard amount of attacks are not good enough.

Playing draw triggers will help you make the cost less painful to pay for some although more offensive triggers are usually used BUT if your opponent survives, your hand would be crippled by the cost you have paid to attack him or her again previously. Re-standing Vanguards that needs you to discard cards are best played with 4-6 draw triggers.

Of course, if you paid some attention to how these cards are designed, they were not infused with high amounts of power on the attack get-go so their standard attacks are pretty low compared to some high attack power Vanguards we have nowadays. Some has the ability to power up along the way (Dragonic Overlord, Dauntless Drive Dragon, Dragonic Descendant and Raging Folm Dragon) but the stronger they are, the more difficult it would be to stand again. They are totally ferocious when they stand again however.

So, for you, do you think it is worth it to stand again? Are there any more gains or losses I didn’t put into this post? I may have missed some aspects since some of the cards I didn’t play personally and some I just typed as I go along.

Thanks for reading!

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