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Origins of Blaster Dark (Cardfight!! Vanguard)


Unos may be Blaster Dark.

A lot of things are on my mind at the moment and although I have a few important things to take care of, some thoughts on Blaster Dark went by my mind. It is one of the recurring characters (units) from the series Cardfight!! Vanguard as well as being one of the key components in the clan – Shadow Paladin.

Recently Bushiroad green light a manga showing the story of the units from Cray (the fictional planet where the cards are from), featuring Alfred and Ameth (Blaster Blade). In the past few chapters, Unos was highlighted more than usual until the scene above where the sword like weapon, Blaster Blade, is presented to him.

A rundown of the manga around Unos;

When the Sanctuary was attacked by the unknown enemy and his friends were being eaten/mauled by the enemy, he ran away, lacking the courage to face the terrifying enemy before him. Who wouldn’t? He would have died along with them if he stayed there.

He was also envious of Ameth’s (our current Blaster Blade, unless plot twist) strength and capability. At the same time, if I’m not mistaken, looks up to him due to his kindness and so on (basically Ameth is a really good guy).

At the end of the path he ran from the unknown enemies, he crossed paths with Blaster Javelin (Daryl) with Phantom Blaster Dragon (Sing Saver Dragon) picking up the unconscious Laura and Gerard. PBD pierces them with Blaster Rapier and Blaster Axe respectively and “reborn them anew”.

Daryl: “I, we have been reborn!”

PBD then passes Blaster Blade to Unos with Daryl telling him its his very own sword. However, he got a shock out from holding it, partially transforming his armor, closely resembling Ameth’s.

With the unknown enemies creeping by, he forces himself to wield Blaster Blade although some sort of rejection is shown. Blaster Dark’s lore mentioned that he didn’t have the courage to activate the weapon Blaster Blade and was lead to the path of hell by the abyss dragon (PBD). Hmmm…

Note: Sing Saver Dragon is one of the guardian dragons of the United Sactuary. He was mortally wounded by a large unknown enemy but was “revived” through a Blaster weapon, which unfortunately corrupted him. It was shown in an earlier chapter that the Blaster weapons has the potential to corrupt its user, starting with Daryl wielding Blaster Javelin in a mock battle.

This random thought post is brought to you by Procrastination!

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