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Happy Chinese New Year! (2014)


I know this blog is pretty much dead but seeing my friends still up and about with their blogs makes me feel obliged to put something here from time to time.


This is my most recent Gunpla built, which I just straight-build due to limits of time as well as dried up paint. Sengoku Astray wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Now go enjoy the festive season with your family and friends. =P

Simple review of this kit;
It costs 1800 Yen and feels quite worth the value for money, although I felt Bandai could have given a lil’ more effort at some aspects but maybe they want you to have the freedom of customization for these line of kits. If you want to make it look just like the boxart or anime representation, you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you. The katanas are solid white although they give you a load of stickers for em’ but you wouldn’t want stickers to detail the main apparel, would you now? The shoulders are kinda bulky and hits the V-fin most of the time so be careful when posing. Bandai provided 3 sets of hands so you have good amount of posing options. Too bad it doesn’t come with a larger range of weapons but there are weapon sets made available for any HG to use (sold separately). Overall good and nice to have. There’s also a MG coming out in the near future. ^^

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