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A New Era of HGs


wpblog_0001Well I’ve been away from building Gunplas for a while and the HGs have evolved further in joint mechanism, sturdiness and compatibility – at least from what I’ve observed. To be truthful, I only bought the HG Build Strike because the current airing Gundam/Gunpla anime is doing it nicely. At first I wasn’t interested as my budget grew tighter over the years but after seeing it in action, it was better than I expected so I felt it was worth getting.

The new joint system, utilizing PC-002, is the evolution from the previous joint system, utilizing PC-001, mainly used by the HG 00 series starting from season 2 model kits. PC-002 was actually used starting from the new version of HGAC Wing which came right before Build Strike. Summarily, I can say it brings great potential for upcoming HGs. Details have grown and pseudo inner-frames are more common now. Bandai is also promoting cross-compatibility for their recent and upcoming HG Gunpla as well. Looks like lots of kitbash will be made more easier as time goes. =3

If I have enough time, I’ll put up a review on Build Strike real soon. Only built the main body for now then slapped on the Perfect Striker as a test attachment. Not bad. =P

More later?


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  1. Daryl Chiu (A fellow Anno Domini/00/Exia Fan) permalink
    23/01/2014 11:33 am

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