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New Camera!


Haven’t been posting much content on my blogs for quite a while, pretty much dead from getting busier with real life. At the same time, I haven’t had much time to build any Gunplas lately with HG Perfect Strike being the last I’ve built and ironically, HG Build Strike will be next once I grab it from the local shop. =3

Last weekend my family and I went to a local ICT Fair. It wasn’t much and somewhat a waste of time since I practically know what I want but going around a place filled with electronic goods is also a fun thing to do, especially when you have a number of things to get. Haven’t bought anything for years to be honest so I felt it was time to finally upgrade to something better.

920605_3601112603933_404240502_o 1397803_3601033641959_150842816_o

These are two of the test shots I did with the camera. We bought a Canon EOS-M compact DSLR. It might not have been the best around but it was the cheapest around for the niche. Bought the one with two lens although I’ll be missing out on the adapter for standard size lens… The pancake lens (used above) isn’t half bad for toy photography. Cropping seems necessary as the lens could not take at the angle and range I would like. The zoom lens is for standard, family outings however. =P

That’s all for now~ Currently I’m enjoying some Pokemon XY like most everyone around me. Really fun game and it sure has a wide fanbase to enjoy together with. ^^


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