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Garmore X Ezel (Draft)


This story is based on Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 2 with a twist.

Read on for the pseudo shoujo madness!

When the 3 great leaders were taken away by the darkness, the 3 main clans Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin and Kagero quickly fell apart…

At that moment of time, a figure stood above all, shining with golden light. It was Garmore-sempai.

Great Silver Wolf Garmore

Great Silver Wolf Garmore

Garmore-sempai quickly calm the people who just lost their leaders. Some went off with their own groups but the young ones including me stayed around him. He was wearing one of the sacred treasures, the armor of the Silver Wolf.

Young Blond Ezel

Young Blond Ezel

Sempai works hard to bring people together. With the golden shine he brought with him, a new clan was immediately built by him – Gold Paladin.

Sometimes sempai gets into fights and gets hurt along the process. I wanted to help heal his woulds but I was too shy to approach him. A new clan Angel Feather came by to help him out however. I felt sad and disappointed at myself that I couldn’t be of help to him…


“Garmore-sempai… um…”

I came across a mysterious box one day. Suddenly it glowed in front of me with words ringing in my ears. ‘Do you want to help the person you like? My fiery spirit shall become one with you and lead you to where you want to be.’ The mysterious box opened up and golden light surrounded me. Before I knew it, I was clad in armor – the Red Lion armor.

Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel

Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel

I became an important asset to sempai now. With the armor on, I can help him to save the 3 leaders. I wonder if he’ll notice me now…

I slowly got closer to sempai as I tried my best to fight alongside him. Fighting together with him really made me happy although I got hurt too along the process. When I got hurt, sempai asks me if I’m okay and that really made me happy.

More members joined our clan but most were restless and some looked really mean and bloodthirsty. Sempai tries his best to bring them together and work as a team as some of them were able to unlock the other sacred treasures. Unfortunately, there was a divide of power between the Silver Wolf/Red Lion and Black Horse Troops who didn’t really care about our cause.

The battles grew more fierce as the ancient clan “Aqua Force” resurfaced. We thought they would be allies to protect our planet Cray but they have betrayed us all by allying themselves to Void. As the legends foretold, their strength is truly formidable. Sempai battled ferociously with them. I tried my best too but our combined strength weren’t good enough to beat them.

Uncle Pellinore is a funny and very nice person. He’ll help anyone in the clan just at the nick of time. Just like a hero. He might be a little older than the rest of us but he really can make miracles happen!

As the climax of the battle between most of the planet against Aqua Force, I ended fighting the carrier of the current forces – Glory Maelstrom. Everyone was getting injured left and right from fighting their forces, including sempai. The Black Horse Troops were cooperating with us now and helped to battle Maelstrom’s guards.

As I battled my heart out, my feelings and passion brought a new potential with the armor I was wearing, granting me and my friends new strength!

“For the sake of sempai and all of my comrades!”

The lion's passionate roar! Let her roar echoes through the whole universe! (Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel)

The lion’s passionate roar! Let her roar echoes through the whole universe! (Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel)

…To be continued…



Best End?

Best End?

Note: The sketches weren’t actually sketched in order so there could be inconsistencies in design as they may have different intentions at the time of sketching. Nonetheless, hope the story makes sense!

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