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Cardfighting AIs & Farming in Ride to Victory (3DS)


After a month or so of playing the game, along with some hiccups, I managed to collect all the cards possible with some in lesser quantities still. Only left with 4 more cards to get which I need to wait until the passwords for them are out.

At any rate, the main reason for this post is to type down what I have found out about the AI and how you may be able to abuse it or take advantage of them in your quest to win the game or plain farming for VP without too much thinking.

If your main goal is to farm for points, here are the best kinds of decks to use in general;

  1. Persona Blast (150VP) – The End, PBO and Chrome Jailer.
  2. Limit Break (50VP) – The easiest ones are those who gain +5000 Power when you attack the Vanguard at 4 damage. The hardest would be Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu since she needs to hit.
  3. Power based decks (30k-50k++) as you gain bonus VP when you hit 30k AND 40k. You’ll get both if you hit at least 40k. Basically Ezel and Dark Lord of the Abyss. Unfortunately there are no more bonuses for higher attack power although Dark Lord of the Abyss can attack for much higher.

There are many other bonuses available but those will be the easiest to achieve through normal means without trying too much. Double triggers can be rare but more possible to achieve if you can filter your deck such as with certain Royal Paladin builds. Filtering in Cardfight!! Vanguard essentially means taking out normal units from the deck while leaving it with mostly triggers.

Unfortunately the game does not reward on stand triggers nor multiple attacks (eg. 5 and above – Aqua Force/Pale Moon). In terms of farming, although I can say that stand triggers works well against the AIs in general, stands won’t give you much bonuses other than if you get a double trigger along the way which critical and heal gives much better bonuses.

The AIs in the game behave quite similarly, and can be easily abused to your advantage. At the same time, they can overwhelm you since they can be overly aggressive.

  1. Call whatever that can attack you especially if the power is enough to hit your Vanguard, factoring trigger effects as well. This means they will rush at you whenever possible, however, they will miss on-call effects such as Blaster Blade’s retiring skill if they do not have enough to pay the cost. Essentially, they may make some of their cards vanillas through this rushing algorithm.
  2. Start guarding at 3 or more damage (IF your Vanguard is Grade 3). Most of the times, not always but more often than not, they will start guarding your Vanguard attack at 3 damage. If possible, they will full guard your Vanguard attack, wasting their hand cards – at times useful units! If you want them to waste their hand cards, this is what you need to know – push them to 3 damage by Grade 3 and attack!
  3. Rear-guards are cannon fodder. You can easily take their rear-guards out. More often than not, they will not guard attacks to their rear-guards. This make on-hit effects such as Dragonic Overlord, Kirara and so on quite easy to pull off! They do guard from time to time but sometimes it feels random as they may guard with useful cards for some odd reason… Usually its when the attack can be guarded by a 5000 shield.
  4. Field destruction. Most AIs are sensitive to field destruction since they rush too much. When they call their useful rear-guards too early plus factoring that they rarely protect them, it makes them really fragile! Though may not be so important to many, this can help in reducing their attack power for most of the game especially since some character decks do not have any draw triggers to sustain their hand size. You can abuse this for certain decks like Majesty Lord Blaster and simply attack the Blasters as they linger in the front row one turn to early at times!
  5. Guarding for one trigger to pass. When their hands start to diminish too much, they will start to guard for one trigger to pass. From the way the game runs, unless you filter your deck a lot, they can guard successfully! Thus, make sure you plan your attack carefully unless there isn’t much else you can do with your field. This situation is more awkward when you use prediction decks such as with CEO Amaterasu and Robert since you have a chance to peak at your next card…
  6. Attack with weaker lanes first! Most of the time they will attack with weaker lanes first just in case you get a trigger along the way (as they focus solely on attacking your Vanguard). They would even do this even if their decks do not have any stand triggers. HOWEVER, be aware than some character decks are loaded with critical triggers (12 – Majesty Lord Blaster and Platina Ezel) so guard wisely.
  7. If can pay, use it! Sometimes the AIs will use effects just because the unit they ride or call comes with it… although they waste it sometimes. For example, Ninja Master M used Mandala Lord’s Persona Blast to reduce my Vanguard attack power and STILL he declared “no guard” when my attack power was still high enough to pass. There are other instances like this which can really boggle your mind.

That’s all for now. I’m kinda just typing this since I wasn’t able to sleep yet with some of these things flying in my mind. How it can be useful to some people out there although the game is mostly played by Japanese people (as it is a Japanese game). ^^;

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