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HG SEED Remaster 1/144 Perfect Strike Preview





Price: 1700 Yen

It has been a while since I touched this blog and there is a chance that the main blog to be jeopardized (unless I’m being overly paranoid) due to a recent incident.

I bought this kit last Sunday after thinking about it for a while. I won’t deny that I was expecting more out of it. The main body is still from the original mold from all those years ago. Shoulder joint is limited and many parts require some additional effort to make it look decent. Bandai gives you plenty of stickers for most of the notable details but some dabs of paint here and there can bring in more pleasant results.

I wouldn’t say my paintjob to be great but it somehow worked out. I used Tamiya enamel paints and the usual Gundam marker. I did a mishap with one of the wing binders though… At least the sticker works well enough.

Overall the kit is okay-ish but if you want to pose it, there are many limitations compared to HGs nowadays. The legs are surprisingly good for ball joints. The kit can be somewhat disappointing but the Perfect Strike does look pretty nice in HG form once you slap enough details on it. I feel that it is only worth the purchase if you love this form of the Strike or want to have some painting or even modding fun as this kit can use some additional work.

That’s all for the preview~ I haven’t finished everything for this kit yet, still some more paint required. ^^;

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  1. chubbybots permalink
    02/05/2013 2:55 pm

    Woot, never thought of seeing you here. Having build the RG version i can never see myself going back to the HG form.

    • 02/05/2013 5:53 pm

      Hehe, I have the RG Aile laying around, unbuilt. Maybe I’ll build it after this one. :w

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