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Singapore 2011 – Day 3 – AFA 11 Day 2


Date: 12 November 2011

  • We went out early for the second day of AFA 11 by around 8am. Do note that the first day was on 11 November 2011 but only the Cool Japan forum and the Vocaloid Concert over at the stage area were conducted. The main halls only opened on 12-13 November 2011.
  • We used the train from Bugis to City Hall then walked through the underpass to Suntec Convention Centre.
  • We grabbed a toast-ful breakfast from BreadTalk on the way there.
  • We arrived there by 9am and I bought some necessary entrance tickets. Unlike last year, there was no overwhelming line of mundane waiting. Things went very smoothly this time around. Looks like the committee learnt their lesson. =)
  • There were a lot of things in the main hall and the stage hall was bustling with people as Danny Choo took the stage. This will be illustrated in a gallery post after this.
  • I did buy a few things from the stalls and those stuff will be highlighted in a compiled loot post after all these. =P
  • I also went to the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe again this year. The price went up a bit but luckily I can share the meal with my friends, else… We bought two sets with three people dining in.
  • At any rate, I also took a photo with them. Those who know me on FB, can see it in my Mobile Uploads album.
  • Random Note: I was called ojou-sama that day. >.>
  • Since I didn’t go for the concert on this day too, I left by 7pm to have some time around Singapore and relax for the night before the next day.

Random Note: “Why is my burger so small?” That teaches me not to go cheap for food next time… darn you exchange rate pain! D=

To be continued…

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