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Quick Post: Singapore 2011 – Day 1 – Journey for the 3DS


Aqua Blue 3DSThis is a just a quick post before an actual write up so here are the bullet points.

  • Went to airport early in the morning with two of my friends and travel buddies. We separated at the airport since we’re staying at different hostels.
  • Reached Changi Airport by 11am safely and went to the hostel by 12pm. Thank goodness for ez-link.
  • Went to Chef Daniels at iluma for lunch with friends who are staying at the same hostel. Expensive but nice. >.>
  • Then we went to the core of today’s objective, going to Qisahn at Far East Shopping Centre with me getting a 3DS. The Flare Red wasn’t available so I went with the Aqua Blue option for the time being. Unfortunately, the clear casing ran out at that point of time so it’ll be protected by a screen protector only for now. Got two games as well but only one of them was a 3DS game since the ones I wanted were not in stock. Ah well, main mission successful, games can always be bought next time.
  • We went off to the other Far East for my friend’s stuff.
  • Now back to hostel to rest for a bit. :P
That’s all for now. Kinda like a diary entry like this though… More photos later?
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