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Nendroid Black Rock Shooter (BRS) Preview Shots via Samsung Champ @ 1.3MP (Gallery)


“She’s looking at you, from the ceiling.”
Price: 3500 Yen 

There isn’t much to say for this preview-gallery post. Nonetheless, enjoy the shots as I attempt to stretch the limits of a 1.3MP phone camera sensor using a “surround” lighting and extra grip to make sure the images don’t come out shaky. =P

I don’t really have much to say about the Nendo that requires a full-length review like normal proportioned figures. Similar in case to standard BB Gunpla.


  1. Paint job is great!
  2. Can hold up cannon no problem.
  3. Feature packed for the price.


  1. Twin tails are not really connected firmly.
  2. Cannot stand at all by itself (same case as for most Nendos).
  3. Plain katana.

I learned a few things about Nendroids after finally taking her out from the box after almost 7 months… Nendroids are all about part swapping. There isn’t much articulation on their body parts but that helps to reduce the chances for small fragile connections (although there is that super movable Saber…). Nonetheless, the part-swapping method to pose the figure is quite new to me as it is more extensive than whatever I’ve touched beforehand myself. (I’ve seen others, yes, but not played with them enough to get a good feel.)

Overall, a nice Nendroid to get as it comes with the OVA DVD (though I think you guys would have watched it “elsewhere” already) and it is feature packed with a variety of parts to bring in a variety of poses, even OOC poses (with dat injured face). >.>

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