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Anime & Manga Causes Innovation?


Consider this a post of logical randomness. Yes, that totally makes no sense in context but bear with me.

As I have became the president of Swinburne Anime & Manga Society (SAMS) this year, since the beginning of this week, I have been actively thinking a lot of things regarding the club. SAMS has only been up and running since late 2007 and I’m the 4th president of this club.  Every year, according to the university rules on clubs, the president needs to be changed thus the reason why I am president now.

I admit I’m not as knowledgeable about anime, not as broad, as the other before me or some of the other members around since I don’t particularly “major” in it. As you, the readers of my blog, would know that I mostly do things outside of watching shows on the screen. I’m more fond on technology than anything else in truth. Nonetheless, I do know my share of wealth in anime and manga but really not as much. I wanted to watch more anime but getting hooked by live action and getting my groove back in gaming makes sitting down watching anime and reading manga less of a priority for me right now. However, I think that’s mostly due to the fact I rotate my hobbies around thanks to myself liking and having too many hobbies and interests.


At any rate, enough with the out of topic babbling, here’s the real part of this post.

I keep on thinking on what can anime and manga do to people since I was given a hefty task to bring in more members, specifically females, into the club this year. I can honestly say that most people in the university do not have anime and manga in their top list of interest, more of a side thing for most. Since we are in a higher institute of learning, it isn’t hard to believe that most people will; focus on their studies and put their entertainment activities to a lower priority. That’s how it should be done. I don’t really do that though as I like to make myself enjoy my life while still giving enough effort to do my work. Balance they call it.

After thinking long and hard, a good enough realization hit me. I think that anime and manga plus all forms of media gives us information. Anime and manga doesn’t directly gives us information as they are stories. Just like books, they give us a story in which there are life lessons and so on contained within them. I can’t really say that about all anime and mangas though but most of them will contain some sort of lesson to teach. They also convey ideas of creative people in the best medium possible, visual and sound. From my own experience, I’m totally horrible when it comes to remembering things I’ve read. I remember better if there is some kind of visual aid to make it more memorable. When things are more memorable, people will have access to ideas, experience of others I would say, that can be used for various matters. Please don’t misunderstand that with plagiarism though.

When people share ideas, people can come to an understanding with each other. We can also learn things from one another. As such, we can learn many things from anime and manga. Not just for entertainment, it can make your mind more vivid than simply staying in your room cooped up readying yourself for your next paper or staying in the library buried in books. Anime and manga, often, gives gestures of real life even though it is exaggerated to fit their roles as entertainment media. It can, sometimes, make real life less of a stranger to us but that depends on the sort of anime you’ve been watching also and how well they have been written out.

Otherwise, I will close this not too long wall of text I did randomly with some logic that anime and manga can make you more creative, innovative and not devoid of entertainment.

If you want a good representative example, take me. Because I was introduced to manga (first) and anime (second) by a good friend of mine, I started drawing. Before that, I simply got through my life trying to do what others can do without finding the path myself. I got something, an interest I can call my own. I slowly became better in something I wasn’t as well. Unlike my sibling, I didn’t inherited the drawing skill from my father. I had to start from scratch, like how Ueki from Law of Ueki did when he lost his special abilities. As I drew more and watch/read more, my mind became more active. I can think much more than if I didn’t do anything before but continued my life as per normal. Thinking more may not necessarily be a good thing as I have difficulties getting myself to sleep though. There are more things that can happen to you besides taking a pencil and start drawing, many others. My blog, or whatever I’ve put on the internet, can be a judge of that.

This post didn’t really come out as I wanted but I hope you get what I’m trying to say since I might just be over thinking too much, as usual.

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  1. 27/02/2011 4:02 pm

    Hmm. My school doesn’t have such clubs though……
    I don’t really watch much anime though…. Mainly mecha ones, lol.

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