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So, Can We Have Cheaper PSPs in Malaysia Too?

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If you guys are up to date with gaming related news, you would have knows that the PSP will drop to a nice U$D130 this coming Sunday. The MSRP was at U$D170 before this.

The current exchange rates with the US favors Malaysia right now at a rough U$D1 = RM3.05. I’ll round it to RM3.10 per dollar for better overheads. Before the change, I would love it and anyone else, that the PSP is sold around RM550 at MSRP. Even at the official Sony stores, it is sold at RM900 for the base machine. This is totally unfair for us, for it to be so much more expensive. Even the regular stores selling game peripherals sold refurbished PSPs from the lowest price of RM700 upwards to RM1000 due to them being hacked and/or fully hackable. FYI, because the hacking community weren’t able to hack the newer firmwares to allow people to play ISOs were the cause of the price hike and appreciation of value for older, hackable, PSPs.

Ever since a certain incidence last December, partially hacked PSPs are sold for as low as RM700 nowadays (this is actually the most reasonable price considering the full bundle you’ll get). Most still sold them for above RM800. Sony still sold theirs at the usual RM900 however.

Even so, I keep wondering why must the PSP be so expensive over here? Are we excluded from better price points and price drops? With the new reduction in price, we should expect new base PSPs to be roughly RM400 starting from next week. If you’re wondering, a 16GB memory stick and screen protector won’t make your PSP cost any more than RM600 at this point. The only reason why a PSP is gonna be more expensive from normal stores is if the hacking doesn’t continue smoothly. Sad but true. Anyways, trying not advocate piracy or anything, Sony should price their base PSPs, following the price drop, for at most RM500.

Buying a PSP from an official Sony retailer will net you an actual warranty unlike buying from other game shops unless the product isn’t hacked.

This is just my random rant that might end up as just “gas”. :X

You know what, games should be cheaper too! Well, at the side of Malaysia I’m staying! :/

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  1. ruslan permalink
    07/03/2011 8:12 pm

    they just drop the psp price at my place ( Klang,Selangor )

    • atom permalink
      10/03/2011 8:06 pm

      yeah..u rite
      they just drop the price to RM400-500

  2. haha permalink
    10/03/2011 8:09 pm

    fully hacked??

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