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(Excludes the upcoming 3DS and NGP which are next gen portable consoles.)

This will be a rather random post that I’m typing out to offload my mind a bit. Some may notice it but I’m quite the thinker and that normally leads me to think quite a lot and decisions comes by difficultly. TL;DR.

Many years since childhood, I’ve dreamed of owning a Sony Playstation (PS1). The dream started with a birthday party at my friend’s house when I’ve yet to know the true depth of gaming (1998). Not long after that I, well my mother, bought a fake, working, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES/Famicom), Nintendo GameBoy Color (GBC) and Nintendo GameBoy Advance (GBA) after that (with a few years in-between of course). I played a bit of games on the fake NES, mostly games that anyone would know, such as Duck Hunt, Rockman and so on. It never broke but I stopped using it during a dark part of my history involving empty friendship. I’m pretty sure the machine was still functional before it was put into the box.

I didn’t really play much on my GBC/A due to the price of the games when I was younger and mostly played Pokemon games (and whatever games in those # in 1 cartridges). Unfortunately, the internal battery of most of my games are dead and I couldn’t save anymore. Either that or the motherboard is “fried” since all of them were unfortunately fakes. As expensive as they were (RM50~RM60), they were still fakes that couldn’t last until now. I feel a bit sad since some games I couldn’t continue and some games I couldn’t replay since I cannot save and sometimes cannot load. Some still work but they are mostly singular titles and least played cartridges. Some can still work but they tend to crash and… :(

However, I find that a portable system was nice for me to use as I brought it everywhere (when possible, except school of course) and played the games on them. The GBC undeniably has more run time than my GBA as I even shared it with my cousins. When I think about it, the GBA had less run time as most of the games that near completion, story-wise, crashed and reset… Yes, piracy is bad and it makes gaming sour. I ended up playing most of the GBA games on the computer using emulators and ROMs (after I got a good computer in 2002).

I didn’t really have a home console system nor something I can hook onto a TV set at home like some of my other friends. I have TVs, lots of TVs since my mother like to upgrade the living room TV quite “often” (except now since we have too many, CRT, TVs). I can admit that I was envious. Most people are during those younger years of life when you see your friends have something nice and you don’t. I was really happy when my mother gave me a surprise in the year 2006 (IIRC, could be earlier) with a Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). I got a slim model. Actually, the advent of the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) made this purchase possible as the prices fell. Even now, you can get a PS2 unit for around RM400 (or less than U$D100). With a huge game library that the PS2 has, it is still a great purchase even now.

The PS2 is easily pirated. You can hard-mod or soft-mod it with relative ease. Due to the mass piracy, I got quite a number of games for this console and played it extensively to the point that it can’t run games properly anymore. (Luckily, there are two methods to play games without the use of the disc tray.) I never bought an original game of the PS2, can’t actually, but I was given two old original games. XP

As I played various types of games, I mostly played JRPGs and racing games. I’m not a FPS gamer and pretty much suck at those. I also like puzzle and strategy games but can’t really play games that require precise reactions which I’m not good at. (I still, however, try to play games I’m technically not good at if they are interesting and try to improve myself although much slower than others.) I mostly game for fun and for the sake of the story. Some games has such a compelling story, you’ll push yourself just to get through it and feel satisfied playing through the plot. I know I did.

Something that most people don’t know is that I like to play racing games (some of my long time friends know this). Racing addiction came from playing at the arcades when I was younger. (Because I went to tuition near an arcade… yeah.) When I think back, I didn’t play any fighting games at the arcade. O.o Seriously, I’m not good at fighting games, my sister is better than me in this. I’m actually not good at Mega Man games (or any platformers, yes, even Mario). I like the whole franchise but I’m bad at timing. Only when Easy modes start to appear did I manage to complete the game normally without the aid of invincibility cheats. I got a little better over the years but it doesn’t seem like much. (Easy mode FTW!)

I do play some games on the computer but not much, mostly just the major titles and racing games. I just end up playing on the console as there are more games I like on them and PC support for some games are terrible. (Games such as Oblivion and Fallout 3 plays better on the PC however. I also start to realize I’ll be saving up more money by not upgrading my graphics card to play certain games at “decent settings”. That’s actually pretty nice as my current setup is good for most of anything else I’m doing on the PC, except extensive Photoshop use.)

Otherwise, I mostly play games for my entertainment as in for fun and story. I love a game that isn’t too hard yet gives a sense of fun while giving a good story plot. (Smaller games doesn’t really need a story though.)

Now, I’m living part of my dream already. There is still some work to do. (If it was that easy, it won’t be a dream, now would it?) I’ve been saving up for years and now I’ve almost completed a set of the current generation of game consoles. Just in case you think I’m buying just for the console, you’re mistaken. I’m not one of those people who buys something without a good reason. As I’ve stated in the opening, I think a lot. As I think a lot, I realized that I want this generation of consoles for their respective games, except maybe not the Microsoft Xbox 360. I’ll be frank – I bought it because I can pirate on it. (Thus, I resolute myself to original games on the PS3.)

The Xbox 360 and PS3 share quite a number of games with each other lately, which is a good thing. I mean, why would you, the customer, want games to be exclusives? I prefer multi-platform when possible to allow more people to feel and enjoy the games. (This is also more possible now with motion sensors/controllers add-on on for the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively allowing them to have games similar to the Wii.) That made my decision to buy the Xbox 360 more viable. If there’s any game I really like, I’ll get it on the PS3 instead. There isn’t any Xbox 360 exclusive I like since I don’t really play FPS games (some people questioned my motive of buying because of that). My PS3 has yet to do much, even though it is second hand, but I’m currently playing Eternal Sonata on it. So far, the story seems interesting. :3 (There’s an Xbox 360 version but region locks prevented me from playing so I borrowed the PS3 version from a  good friend of mine. I’ll get Disgaea 3 soon enough.)

I got my Nintendo DS (Dual Screen) on the first year I went to university. As a Nintendo handheld gamer (since GBC), why shouldn’t I? Especially with all those Pokemon games on it. Adding to that, Mega Man Star Force, Mega Man ZX and various other titles. The racing games are pretty decent on the DS as well. And I recently found out that most of the racing games on the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) are crap. I only have one original for this so far and I think most of you can guess what it might be (unless you followed my blog very well since I posted it up before).

I didn’t really plan to get the PSP so soon, same goes to the PS3. But given the opportunity to purchase it, although it is more expensive than now, I took the plunge. I do feel a little disappointed that the prices are very “nice” now. Who wouldn’t? Anyways, that’s a minor thing since it’s all done already. Then again, the purple color unit isn’t so commonplace. (There are various model revisions for the PSP, I got the “un-hackable” 3000 series. It can only be temporarily hacked to run homebrew and ISOs.) All my PSP games are “virtual” and I don’t see me being able to get a “physical” one anytime soon since the real buying focus is on the PS3. Ah well, Sony still gets their money.

I haven’t really played much on my PSP ever since I got it. A bit lacking in attention to it in a sense since most of the games I’m playing are rather big (JRPGs) and not all that easy to have a quick go at them while going about. This makes me realize how un-portable the PSP is. Still nice to bring around when you go on vacation and I’ll most likely keep it company in the middle of this year. ^^;

(I got my DS two years ago, my Xbox 360 and PSP last year and the PS3 this year. This was all possible thanks to years of saving and support from my mother. Remember to treat your parents well.)

I’m still lacking one console though… the Nintendo Wii. With its crazy backwards compatibility… I’m saving up to get it, eventually. Unless Nintendo pulls out a new console soon with the same great backwards compatibility before I get one which is not a bad thing either. In a way, I’m hoping for this price of this to drop to a reasonable price before I actually get it. It’s madly priced close to the two stronger consoles currently. =.=; If I get the Wii now, it will be more expensive than my Xbox 360 and PS3 going with local prices. (Arguably, it is cheaper over at the Peninsular…) Please Nintendo, drop the price of your Wii already! (Yes, I know that will be quite hard since the sales of the Wii is too good for Nintendo to let go.)

Clarification: I bought an Arcade version of the Xbox 360 while my PS3 is second hand. Buying a brand new Wii pretty much costs near my Xbox 360 while costing much more than my PS3. In terms of normal pricing, the Wii is just slightly below a modified Xbox 360 Arcade and about RM1XX lower than a non-Sony shop PS3 160GB model. ^^;

So, what’s gaming to you? Do you enjoy gaming? What kind of games do you like to play?

Until the next long post. XD

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  1. Melv permalink
    09/02/2011 7:42 am

    I used to have a PS One back then. Its dead. Bought it for second hand from a friend. After that, console games was out of my reach not untill in year 2008. A very good friend of mine lend his PS 2 and PSP to me. At the same time, my PC was upgraded. Used it for few good games such as Red Alert 3, RUSE, Modern Warfare, Medal of Honour, Star Wars Force Unleashed and Starcraft. For me, I don’t see much good games on the PC. I played mostly War Games on PC.

    Then, somewhere in year 2010, middle of last year…my salary…goes to the PS3….I bought the original games first. Before getting the PS3…and that was Final Fantasy 13. Nearly bought the X-BOX 360 but changed my mind. After getting my 1st original PC game, Starcraft II, it made me decided to go ori all the way…

    As what Stephen said, “Get ori to support the gaming industry”.

    • 09/02/2011 1:56 pm

      Aww, the PS1 died. :( Wait, do you still have the memory card? o.o

  2. 09/02/2011 9:03 am

    Ah… Nostalgia. My first ever console was (like you) a fake Famicom unit with cartridges like Gradius (I & II) and Tiger Heli (my first ever danmaku-style game).
    Then onto the Sega Megadrive (original, as there’s no pirate copy of it) with… Sonic the Hedgehog. After that, I totally skimp on consoles as I got onto the PC arena.

    And got stuck there eversince (as there’s emulators for old consoles, I can play the ones that I’ve always wanted to play).

    Heck, now I’m still playing a game from 1999 (FreeSpace 2) and some other “simple” games (from Touhou series) as those games are fun.
    (who cares about eye and ear candies when you’re having so much fun)

    *side note: FreeSpace2 now has been updated by its community with better graphics and more campaign missions.

    • 09/02/2011 2:00 pm

      True enough, playing older console games on the PC (which I did a lot actually before I got my PS2) is fun. Just that having the right controller, I know you have a joystick, makes it even more worthwhile. :D

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