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PSP2/NGP on the Horizon


NGP... Neo Geo Poc-- I mean PSP2!

Image is from Engadget.

I know I should be finalizing my entry for the UDON Mega Man Tribute which only has 4 days left but today, I was totally taken in by the newly announced PSP2 or NGP (Next Generation Portable) by Sony.

If you’re unsure of what I’m spouting about, read through the following links;

In a simple summarized way of saying;

The NGP, the codename of the new handheld, will feature performance nearly to that of the PS3. It boasts a 5″ OLED touchscreen with a resolution of 960×544 which has been taunted to be HD-like months before. It has a rear trackpad and dual analog sticks. Nice. Not gonna summarize the whole thing as you’re better off reading them up yourself. XD

At first glace, the NGP seems large. It is, measuring out larger than the PSP-3000. But while it isn't the smallest handheld on the block, it is surprisingly light.

"That's because it doesn't have a UMD drive," Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida tells Kotaku. In the place of the Universal Media Disc, Sony is using flash memory-based cards and digital downloads.

Anyways, as stated by Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise), we may be able to bring the PS3 games we play into the NGP. I’m looking forward to this as I would really love being able to continue my games on my handheld when I’m off far away from home. Then again, what comes to mind is that; does it mean we can buy one game for the PS3 and share it with our NGP, making it even more versatile? I’d say that’s pretty amazing and it will make buying games less expensive for us. :)

Being able to check on your friends is interesting and the feature is rather similar to the one basted by Nintendo for their 3DS. I hope you can turn it off or else some of my frineds may get a lttle to busy checking up what am I doing all the time. ^^; Interesting nonetheless.

Having WiFi and 3G built in also is great… then again I’m not using any 3G plans at the moment. However, if the NGP does well with WiFi, I may only need to bring this guy out with me without the need of bringing my netbook as well. Then again, with a screen resolution of 960×544, I don’t see me using it for browsing the web. I guess for social websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on would be fine.

Overall, I’m looking forward to it and it is slated to release by this holiday (?). I also noticed the announcement of this latest handheld from Sony may impede the launch of the 3DS. Well, let’s see how that goes. I still plan to get the 3DS as it has some games I want to play already but I’m only looking forward to the NGP for the time being with hopes it lives to expectations and its potential.

Okay, need to go back to PS and finish that artwork. >.>

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  1. 27/01/2011 8:38 pm

    ugh…. now my PSP-2000 is obselete :(

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