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Xbox Lite (Xbox Portable) Concept by Me


I was awoken by my baby sister who couldn’t sleep past midnight and I suddenly had a thought of a portable Xbox console. I was missing my Xbox 360 at home quite a lot actually since I was playing some games that I really got into last week. No photos for now since I don’t have a scanner and forgot to photograph it but I drew like 7 conceptual designs based on my DS and PSP. ^^;

The following is a copy pasta of a sort of proposal I typed out last night on Microsoft Word…

Xbox Portable Handheld Console Concept by CD (AKA rndm)

  • Concept Name: Xbox Lite
  • Based on the latest Xbox 360.
  • “Xbox 360 renders games at a HD resolution of 720p (1280×720). Some games are also available on the PC platform. Most notable games are FPS.”
  • Proposed Screen Sizes
Screen 3DS PSP Wide Half HD HD
Inches 3.X 3.8~4.3 3.X 3.X~4.X 4.X
Pixels 400×225
  • Xbox 360 uses an ATI graphics chip (reported as a modified X1900) thus the Lite may possibly use a modified version of AMD’s latest line of Fusion chips (lower clocked HD5450) in the coming year of 2011 with a footprint of less than 10W and sized as small as a quarter/dime.
  • HD resolution, although taunted by the PSP2, is best avoided if the graphics cannot be rendered at such a resolution “beautifully” without sacrifices to size and power draw.
  • DVD , Cartridge or Download Content? (EDIT)
    • Standard small DVDs can go up to 2.4GB in a dual layer format.
    • Cartridges, based on the latest flash memory cards, may go up to 32GB.
    • Arguably, DVDs may cost cheaper although more space limited.
    • However, using a disc tray requires a lot of space, has the potential to draw more power and loud reading noises.
    • Using a cartridge can lead to less space needed, slightly less power draws and no reading noises.
    • Download content is currently “in” as far as apps (iPhone, Android) goes. Even newer games with DLC add-on content as well as small mini-game-ish games being download only on the PS3, Zbox 360 and the PSP Go which runs solely on DLC.
    • DLC is limited by how much space you have in the hardware and how fast is your internet connection.
    • However, you can re-download any games you have bought as much as you want if you need to delete games off the drive to reallocate space for newer games. From what I’ve heard from my friend who owns a PS3, you can share an account so more than people can share their cash to buy games and whatever add-ons. Well, that depends if Microsoft allows people to share an account in this case.
    • Using no physical media will lead to either a smaller device or more space for more functions. It will also leave the owners of the device with less things they need to keep at home.
  • Internal memory of 16GB similar to PSP Go? Or should it comes in flavors of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and so on?
  • Memory Card – Suggesting Micro SD expansion slot similar to mobile phones due to cost, availability and size.
  • Suggested Ports – Audio jack, microphone jack, USB 3.0 and TV output.
  • The “X” button, similarly to the actual Xbox 360 controller, shall host a number of options to lessen the amount of “extra” buttons needed on the Lite such as the screen brightness, wireless and power options. Eg; Press and hold the “X” to turn on or off the Lite.
  • Buttons on the Lite – Shiny green “X”, left and right analogs, direction pad, ABXY, volume, select, start and LbLtRbRt. Using only LR for shoulder buttons can lead to a thinner final product but giving it a full set of controls with bode better for gaming options overall (as well as being more “complete” than the competing portable gaming devices).

I did some quick research on the stuff also wasting my phone credits going online to read some Wik entries. Oh wow, I felt like Phillip getting interested in something.

So, comments, ideas, suggestions, Microsoft representative?

Note: Any suggestions given that can be considered will be added into the post. ^^ Also, if I make any mistakes or wrong assumptions, tell me too.

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  1. 02/01/2011 11:13 am

    If you took out the DVD drive, and cardlidge slot you could just put In a solid sate drive (flash memory) of 64-96 gb and you could use a downloadable system to get the games on. Or use a sd card and download the game to the solid state drive and the game would run fast and quietly while still giving you mor room for a bigger graphics card or prosessor.

    Also you might find that having The bumpers (lb and rb) would either feel uncomfortable or too small of buttons or just not look good or don’t match the design. I don’t know how you would have both on there because both the DS and PSP only have one set of triggers.

    • 02/01/2011 2:27 pm

      Download content is also a good idea (which I didn’t say about) since it is all the rage nowadays from what I’ve seen lately. Although a SSD drive will make it very expensive unless prices drop much further within the coming year. A smaller SSD size drive is quite feasible but an internal flash memory is more likely to work out in that sense. From my understanding of the PSN network, you can re-download any of your already bought games so there actually won’t be a problem (unless your internet connection is slow) in terms of game storage. :)

      Hehe, the controls thing is just a “if possible” thought otherwise go with the single LR buttons. Actually, I was thinking of a “curved” bottom design to accommodate the full set of LR buttons. Hm, since you are replying, can you imagine how it would feel in your hands?

      Thanks for the input!

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