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Gundam 00D FanFic Plot Change Due to Movie Release

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Spark Gundam

Main Unit - GND-000 Spark Gundam

Just think of this as a sudden random posting since I was thinking of it right now. The ironic thing about exams and studying is that it cause me to think more about lots of stuff instead of the exam that’s right in front of me. Not wanting to waste too much time, I’m just offloading some of my thoughts here on my blog. XP

Warning, spoilers for the 00 Movie imminent!

After reading through the spoilers as well as watching the movie itself, I felt that my story idea is now obsolete and does not follow the current turn of events. Aliens came and Graham died. Setsuna still did, in a way, became “Gundam” as many would expect and has became a being that surpasses basically everyone on Earth.

Some of you may recall but some may not since I know there are a lot of things happening in life especially for those who are attending higher education so most of the time I forgot about stuff that you guys post about. Okay, enough with the opening words, let’s go on with the meat of the ideas.

The main plot needs a slight change, mostly with the man antagonist of the story – EDEN. From being the faction that wants to promote space exploration to actively going against the ELS. Because ELS is an alien being, humans will feel rather uncomfortable towards them even though they aren’t hostile anymore. At the same time, they might have something against the people who Innovates…

The main protagonists won’t change much from being the ones who go against EDEN but the final battle idea may change in the end. Maybe. I still really want some remote weapons spam in the final battle! XD

Graham’s daughter, Mai Aker can still exist if I just do a simple plot device which is Graham “leaving something behind” like most men who knows their deaths are coming closer sort of thing. Yeah, that might work.

Sean Guard, the Setsuna lookalike, will have a closer bond to Setsuna now and possibly, it makes some of my ideas work better, I think. Think of it as someone who is you but not really you but is still you.

So, in the big picture, the story will become like SEED where normal humans are against Innovators (due to unfairness, fear, etc) as well as ELS. Technically, looking at the movie, Innovators will be able to get closer with the ELS thanks to Setsuna.

Okay, that’s all, better get back to my revision now. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jonathan Truong permalink
    05/12/2010 11:04 pm

    I’d like to read your fanfic :D. I’m currently working on one myself though like u I kinda have to change my plot and cast. I’ve haven’t been working on the plot for awhile mostly because Ive doing my gundam designs

    • 06/12/2010 1:00 pm

      I only did a framework and sketches in my mind and some postings before in this blog here but there isn’t an actual chapter or episode write-up yet. I sadly never did one before even with some of my other fanfic ideas of other series still floating in my own mind (one would wonder how I store it even).

      If I do make an actual write-up, hopefully I’ll be able to make it Gundam enough. XP

      Your own designs, let me see! :D

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