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Singapore Trip – Day 4 – All’s Well That Ends Well


Time flies real fast and the trip to Singapore ended, but it was worthwhile. Going to Singapore really made me realized how different another country is and how much my own country still have ways to go. At any rate, let’s get going with the last posting even though the photos are mostly from my phone. There are also details on my loots at the end of this post. No large “thumbnails” this time though. XP

We awoke as usual that day, about 7.30AM. Thinking about it, I normally wake up at this time. I don’t know why. I lag around first and showered not too long after so that I can go out and have some breakfast. With our reserves low, we* just went to a nearby kopitiam, if I can even call it that. I looks more refined and cleaner than what we have here. O.o

*Just in case you don’t remember, I came with a group of friends.

This meal cost me like $GD4 and the cut-off teh-c is $GD1.20. The last meal bought in Singapore. Forgot the full name of it but it was noodles and it tasted good. The soup that came with it was also good and that was sure a lot of soup given! o.o

After breakfast, we returned back to the hostel to keep all our stuff before going off.

We had a lot of bottles on the desk since we got 2 bottles per day for free. Sadly we didn’t drink them much during the trip since we were mostly out and it was “missed”. The large bottles were brought from home/bought. I bought the bi one since I was really dry that time (for $GD1.10). ^^; Considering how many were left, I brought 2 of the small ones with me. One of our friend’s stayed back since she was going off to another location a day later for work.

Too bad it was a waste to bring the bottles since I couldn’t finish it in time before going to the airport section where you CAN’T bring any bottles of liquid with more than 100ml. Ah, wasted water since it was trashed by the check in people, literally. I was a bit sad too since I don’t like to see wasted food/water.

Okay, so we left the hostel by around 12Noon and reached the airport by 12.30PM using the trains. We then have to take the free bus shuttle at the main airport to the budget airport (since we are using TigerAirways to go back home). Thus, by around 12.50PM we check-in our luggage and then went to the waiting area which we had to let go of our bottles by then since you can’t bring them there. So, we used some of the free facilities while waiting for our flight.


You can charge, I think, ANY portable devices here, even the DS/PSP!

There was also a foot massage machine to the left of the above image, hand sanitizer, a TV to watch and an internet hub. All free, technically. We tried out the foot massage machine and it really relieved our tired feet. XD

Time passes by and we queued up for the flight and I saw a little boy with a PSP around his neck (via strap), playing a game. We boarded the TigerAirways plane and it soon became very full. The seats, unfortunately, felt so stiff we couldn’t sleep during the flight even though we were so tired. Seriously! I played my DS, my friends played their PSPs, and in no time at all, we were back safely in Kuching.

We had to split our hand luggage carefully before really going out due to customs and it sure was a good idea we did. No way I want to be charged for the stuff I bought plus the fact I’m quite broke already at that time. So, all’s well that end well. None of us got charged I believe (since I didn’t see the other guy who bought more stuff than me after that) and I went back happily with my haul and experience by 4.30PM.

So, how was the trip? I say I’m pleasantly pleased with how Singapore was, especially in the people’s etiquette/discipline. I didn’t have to fight to get on a train, I can cross the road much safely than here (at least when its red, they WILL stop) and places open and close in a timely manner. I was sort-of wondering how can a next door country be so different. XP

Well, living in Singapore has its pros and cons. That place sure looks very fast paced and time sure does look important, more important to most of us over here. ^^;

People are generally friendly and I really had no problem talking with anyone I stumbled upon and I just talk as usual with Chubbs, Marzz and his friend. Weirdly, we sort of chatted about the usual thing I would chat about when talking about hobby stuff. Lolwat. If we had more time, maybe we could talk about other things. Next time I visit Singapore, lets have a better planned meeting! XD

And now, the moment some of you have been waiting for… LOOTS! I’m not as lucky as Faddy but here is what I got!

Black Rock Shooter (BRS) phone straps. Quite expensive but they sure look nice. Muto version used by me and the Yomi version used by my sister on her UPSR gift. Can you guess what’s the UPSR gift? Hint; it pairs up with mine.

Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn – Mukuro phone strap. This one was a sudden purchased and I gave it to my sister to use on her phone.

Tamiya 1.5mm Pla-Plate, Tamiya Epoxy Putty (Quick Type) and Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam. Sadly, I forgot to get some plastic cement! However, it seems that I’ll be able to get it in Kuching. I’ll get it later on after my finals. ^^;
I decided to get the thick 1.5mm one since I might be using it for extensions, custom weapons and what not. I might use some certain stationery get-able stuff for thinner needs.

ez-link card! Your best friend for your whole trip in Singapore! can’t leave home without it! XD

Suddenly acquired T-Shirts (Gundam 00 & SCANDAL)! And, no, they ARE expensive too. But they do feel nice to wear and feel as light as if almost nothing is worn plus they feel soft to touch.

A free photo from Canon. The photo taken is on the other side, hidden away from the camera. XD You can get up to 3, 1 for each backdrop, if you want to. I unfortunately couldn’t due to the lack of time but this works too!

Pokemon Soul Silver & Gundam 00F Vol 3! Thanks to Chubbs for leading us to Kinokuniya as well as his member card for the discount! The game is my first original DS game but it isn’t played by me since it went to my sister who enjoyed her UPSR gift (obvious now, eh?). I wish games here are as cheap as in Singapore now… I’d buy an original more frequently if so (but not so frequent since they will still cost quite a lot).

Okay, that’s all for my series of post on my trip to Singapore for the first time as well as the Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX)! I typed this series of posts really long-ish but glad that I can finally wrap it up. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it as I did writing it, reminiscing my trip. For now, I will go into a short hiatus until the middle of December due to finals upcoming. I’ve been preparing even when I posted these up so no worries.

Until the next post, which should be a review, 2 weeks from now!

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  1. Chris permalink
    01/12/2010 11:45 am

    Yeah, loots finally! I was waiting to see what you brought back.
    Cool! BRS phone straps, even though they are a bit plain, but the hype has increased their price. ^^;
    RD Strike Freedom! Now you are destined *ahem* to get RD Destiny too?
    Oh, is DS games there really cheaper? How much did you get it for?

    • 01/12/2010 12:08 pm

      Yeah, the hype is quite up there lately. Marketing success? XD
      Yep, Destiny is also going to be get’d once it comes over. ^^ There might also be a chance to get the SF wing effects too, might (first limited item for me?). Hoho.

      The games are a bit cheaper there. The Pokemon Soul Silver was $GD55 (the highest price for any DS games I’ve seen in S’pore). A normal game usually comes around $GD39. So, essentially, even the most expensive game doesn’t break RM140. :O (You may need to find the right shop though, since malls sell a bit higher.)

      • Chris permalink
        01/12/2010 8:07 pm

        At least I know the games from Singapore are real. The GBA tapes I got from Hopoh are mostly fakes, with saving problems, or jumbled words (the original Gold version). My cousin got the original Gold version which has English from the start till end, and not just in the beginning like mine.

        Looks like you got the first edition RD Strike Freedom? With effect parts to attach to the dragoons. Speaking of first edition RDs, the just released RD RX-78-3 also has extra bazooka and shield.

      • 01/12/2010 9:05 pm

        Yeah, definitely real. Good to know that they are. Since most of my old GB/C/A ones don’t work anymore… which is frustrating plus some even got a corrupted save when I reached the end area. D:

        *opens box for the first time* Holy mother of- I didn’t realized those were limited first editions only! O.o Yeah, I did get them but they aren’t effect parts I was talking about, just clear holders to hold out the DRAGOONs. Still, I might get a chance to get those limited set of effect parts and use them for display later on. ^^

      • Chris permalink
        03/12/2010 2:04 am

        Hehe, yeah, I know you meant the Tamashii limited RD Strike Freedom voiture lumiere effect parts. The first edition effect parts are just those that display the dragoons in deployment mode. I did noticed the gold trim at the left side of your box which means it’s a first edition.
        For me, I prefer the first edition of RD RX-78-2 because of the extra weapons. It’s so packed with weapons! XD

      • 03/12/2010 11:55 am

        Yeah, the RD RX78-2 is pretty tempting with all those weapons that you can even equip all at the same time. Hmhm. Wonder if my budget would allow me to get one since early next year purchases requires some good planning (darn you 3 good MGFs in January!).

    • ChrisEXE permalink
      05/12/2010 6:05 pm

      MG Figurerise… if I may give you my opinion on them…

      Fang Joker looks better than the original but otherwise is just the same thing. If you had to choose only one MGF to buy, I’ll say go for Skull, he is so cool! I never like Accel much, but he is the first transformable human (!) in the MGF series. But for me, it’s still a pass though. Ten years from now, and you’ll just laugh at the Accel model. ^^

      • 06/12/2010 12:52 pm

        Looking at my limited budget, I’d have to agree with you on Skull. It even comes with a MG Fedora! XD
        (I’m still thinking of getting all three but considering they are released three months STRAIGHT, it may not be immediately possible.)
        I kinda want Accel for its gimmick though. As much as it looks awkward, it’s just too interesting (or ridiculously wrong looking) to pass up, but we’ll see how it will go since there are other good stuff in that release period that isn’t a plastic model *hint*.

        Hm, it will indeed be nice to pose Double (that I already have) and Skull together later, a pose that’s not physically possible in the series itself.

      • ChrisEXE permalink
        11/12/2010 11:42 am

        I should revise what I said. Skull actually has the same body constuction as Cyclone Joker too, more alike than Fang Joker, with the exception of the head. ^^;

      • 12/12/2010 11:10 pm

        Overall, all of them will have a similar construction except for Accel which can transform according to the promo shots. When you really think about it, Accel is the one that has the most different body construction (although not that much). XD
        I’ll just get Skull first and get the other 2 if I still can (unless no one takes them off the shelves before I have excess capability to buy). It still depends on how well the stocks come in at Momotoys though since for all we know, all 3 can come by in April or something. XP

  2. 02/12/2010 4:13 pm

    Nice loots there.
    I’m now in Singapore, Will be heading to Takashimaya by tomorrow.
    Anyway, Where did you get the 00 Qan[T] with Setsune’s T Shirt? How Much izit?

    • 03/12/2010 12:33 am

      The stall to the left of the Bandai one. Forgot the name already. Got it for $GD39, which is pretty expensive really but at least I got this one huge paper bag with it. >_>

  3. John permalink
    03/12/2010 9:50 am

    i am sure the strike freedom costs alot right?

    • 03/12/2010 11:53 am

      I wonder if $GD40 constitutes as “a lot” but as far as figures go, I say it was worth it. ^^

  4. Sofa permalink
    03/09/2013 12:05 pm

    yooo how much was the phone strap? they really are rare! :)

    • 09/09/2013 11:53 pm

      About RM20-30 each if I remember correctly after conversion. Don’t remember the exact price though. Sadly I lost them in an unfortunate incident however. Huhu. =(

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