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Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) – Day 2 – Closing Up


Posing this was a challenge and lots of fun! ^^

So, by around 5PM like that, we went back to the AFA area (Suntec Exhibition Halls 401 & 402) and took some photos of the cosplayers outside before going back inside for a quick last minute view before the concert (except me who didn’t buy the tickets). I went around took some more photos, might have some repeats but I didn’t really care since no photo is ever the same, so enjoy the photos of the displays again and something interesting to note. XP


A box is more than just storage material.


Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam posed by yours truly.

I was walking around, again, and suddenly spotted the Bandai stall putting out some display models which you can pose around. Sweet! I immediately went there but spotted some really half-arsed posing with the Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam by the person before me and decided to pose it myself even though it took some time to get the pose right.

What I did; Opened and extended the wings, slotted the DRAGOONs outwards a bit (replicating the PG) and spread the arms with the rifles (didn’t know how to put them together sadly) and spread the legs plus using the railguns (extended as well) as added balance supporters. I asked if they brought the stand that comes with the SF but sadly they didn’t bring it together so I did the best I could with the base model. I say it came out pretty nice, right? Since others started to come around to take photos of it after that, well more than before. XD

I also posed SHF Monkey D. Luffy and SHF Kamen Rider Double/W LunaTrigger quickly since I saw them lying on the table. Luffy can’t pose much without a base with that arm though. Mazinger Z was like that from the start so I didn’t do anything to it… but maybe I should’ve. After posing, I bought the RD SF since it came at a cool $GD40 which can be considered pretty cheap. FYI, the HGUC Sinanju costs the same at that place that day. I bought the one with a higher Yen value in the end. XD Ah well, Sinanju isn’t much more expensive over here so it wasn’t a lost.

I then walked around some more before leaving by 6PM-ish.

By 6PM, I left the halls onwards to the place in mind. Well, to the place I failed to reach in time the day before. Suddenly, however, I got a call from my friend and she told me that she forgot her Anisong ticket for the night at the hostel and needs to get it urgently. I held the room keys at that time so… we rushed using a taxi back to the hostel. She managed to be in time and I get a “quicker” way back to the hostel before I went to off to do my business. A bit of delay in my schedule but good thing I reached the shop 30 minutes before closing time (since I had to go to a money exchanger due to low $GD in wallet already). ^^; I’ll just be saying hints for this one – I bought a game and a “gift” for my sister, well both are for her. It was slightly cheaper in Singapore and it seemed to be a good choice right now. It pairs up with something I used to make waiting in line less boring on the first day of AFA.

I thought I could be back before 8PM that night but I was quite mistaken. Time sure flies fast when you’re busy and even rushing under the drizzling rain. When I finally reached back the halls, they were closing up. Zanmen deshita. Oh well, less cash -which is already terribly low – to flow out. XP

Of course, I think most of you know what happened at that time, especially with the sudden close-ups of the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam. Sure it isn’t news breaking anymore since WIPs and inner frame shots has been shown by Japanese Gunplayers but I believed I was the first to do so, at least for the home country. XD Other than that, more walking around and taking photos of people closing their stalls. Some photos might be interesting while some are shots I didn’t take before and some no case shots besides the PGSF. ^^

There was some let go sales also but nothing sparks any interest for me plus the fact that most of them are beyond my wallet already, I couldn’t get anything. I only took a few photos of the sales though since there wasn’t much to take already. If only our M’sian Ringgit was stronger… if only.

More displays after this, oh look, Figma Kamen Rider Dragon Knight!

K-On! (Anzunyan got cut off though.)

I so need to watch/read Saint Seiya. Never finished it. XP

Just like that, the big thing is out in the open.

Look, WZC!

I was like, "Look at this BD!"

Before storing your models, wrap them up in some bubble wrap.

I circled the place and nothing much can be done already. I thought of drawing at the drawing corner but it was fairly crowded so I just skipped it. ^^; Wonder if anyone got nice shots of it, wait, wonder if the AFA community kept those fan drawn pieces of art? There were arguably good ones and crazy funny ones.

So, AFA ends, on the festival side while the Anisong concert rages on until 10PM I heard. I left the halls before 9PM and went back to the dorm to rest as my legs really hurt already after lots of walking around.

AFA was an enjoyable event. The people in Singapore are way more enthusiastic and active in the crowds. In Malaysia, Daicon 2009 for example, it was rather difficult to get any reply from the crowds which paints a drastic difference in the enthusiasm of the two neighboring countries. This is just my 3rd anime related convention I went to and it is the best I’ve seen thus far. Too bad it was more of a money grinder without the main stage area since all the stalls want to sell you something. Well, good thing I spent the extra to include the stage area as well since I honestly felt like the more interesting stuff are at the stages (main stage and the Mini Akiba stage). The stalls may sell stuff of interest but if you’re in for a shopping spree only, better just buy it normally elsewhere since you have to pay that entrance fee unless you’re coming back with a good haul.

There were some free stuff and those free photos by Canon is a good one. You can also get a nice small yellow AFAX cloth bag too. All in all, it was fun and enjoyable.

Final day soon-ish if I still have the time since my finals is coming up real soon. Unfortunately, I really want to finish this series of posts. After the final post on my trip to Singapore, I’m going into a short hiatus again and the post after should be the MG Figure-Rise Kamen Rider Double/W Cyclone Joker.

To be concluded…

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  1. 28/11/2010 7:28 am

    Good thing you managed to repose the Robot Tamashi SF into a more better pose, and waha~ You bagged that one also. XD

    • 28/11/2010 12:08 pm

      Ever since they showed the prototype + wing effects, it was in my to-get-list already. XP
      Shows how much a good looking model/figure can overwrite the initial thoughts about the MS itself.

  2. heathorn permalink
    28/11/2010 10:02 am

    ahhh, I only went there for a while on the second day
    I didn’t even spot the posing booth you mentioned T_T

    • 28/11/2010 12:09 pm

      You mean the Canon one? It was at the far right end, right behind the Mini Akiba stage.

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