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Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) – Day 2 – Cosplay


Honestly, I only got a mere fraction of the total cosplayers who went to the event. There were so many! You have to be some sort of really pro ninja to get em’ all! Nonethless, here is a quick posting of the cosplayers who I managed to stumble upon as we were returning to the AFA event area by around 5PM. I went back in by 5.30PM, just for a short while though which will be covered in another post.
Note: Tagged as many as I could remember… sorry about the number of tags for this one. ^^;

"Have you seen my tiara?"

Sorry that some images are blur and “missed” but that’s all I got. More here, which should have higher quality photos thanks to the people with DSLRs (OMG, I saw a ton of DSLRs in S’pore, like seriously).

Most of the cosplayers were situated outside the event halls, most are walking around when inside the halls. Well, if you’re wearing something nice, I guess you wouldn’t want to be in a very crowded place, no?

Okay, that’s all for this part. Gonna close up the AFA postings wih the next one and the overall Singapore trip after the next one.

To be continued…

PS: There was actually a special area for cosplayers which was opened at the last minute. I sadly did not know so I didn’t manage to take even more cosplaying photos! I’ll try harder next time since I feel that my photos are sorely lacking in this department considering I had the time and ability to do so. D:

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  1. 25/11/2010 9:49 am

    Chen Yukari Marisa SPOTTED!


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