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Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) – Day 2 – First Half of the Day


The previous post was written hastily due to the lack of time but I really want to finish this series of posts before I go back to the usual schedule. Well, only 3 more postings after this and I should be done since I don’t have much to write already after this. Okay, onwards to the real report of the second day!
Note: Slight change of plans, gonna split the next post by two, cosplay and stalls closing so that the individual post isn’t too long.

The 2nd day doesn’t really have much going except for the Regional Cosplay Competition and the Anisong concert at night. Nonetheless, we did some more stuff we couldn’t the other day. Too bad I can’t spend more than I wished to due to my budget limits and budget outline which was actually strained.

For the 2nd day, we woke up later than the 1st since I already got my ticket for the day. I, myself, woke up at 7.30AM since I heard some clicking noises from my friend’s netbook plus my nose was stuffed up. D: After showering, we went to Suntec Exhibition Halls 401 & 402 once again and reached there around 9AM. We skipped breakfast since we planned to go to the maid and butler cafe on that day. Before we go in, we split up to go look around at the stalls some more.

Since it was the last day and all, I tried to take some more photos. Sorry if some of them are repeats but whatever! XD

Kamen Rider Kabuto!

"Count your crimes!"

One Piece - Luffy & Ace!

After going around and taking some photos, we met up at the School Days Maid Cafe by around 11.15AM. There was a medium length line waiting for us then (which is not as bad as the 1st day).

A bicycle on display in front of the School Days Maid Cafe.

Oh line... wait, we spot something at the distance!

Aira! Too bad I couldn't leave the line. ^^; She's cosplaying BRS BTW.

After some wait, we finally were able to enter the maid cafe. I have to say one thing though which I like to express like some cheapskate… EXPENSIVE! $GD18 for one meal, which is a SLICE of cake with some small treats and a normal cup of tea/coffee is murder. And another option was some kind of noodle/spaghetti set with tea/coffee for $GD24 or something. o.o Since we like to know about the place, we bought a set (2 of my friends shared luckily, except me though). There is also a cheaper alternative to just buy drinks for $GD3.50… uh… Also, you’re not allowed to take photos, so what you see above is the best I can give. You might chance some photos via Google or even your friends in Facebook though.

Anyways, I didn’t really want to go since this isn’t my thing but I did it anyways to see it myself. Life’s too short not to do something when the windows of opportunity is right in your face. XP
So, we got the maid greeting (all the maids greet any entering customer once they’ve purchased something). Then we were seated. Since only 3 of us entered, I sorta sat alone. ^^; In just a short while, our drinks (a maid will put cream and sugar in the tea/coffee, if you like, and stir for you)  and food (a maid will draw something, which you can request, with chocolate syrup on it) were served. I kinda forgot to request something but my mind was as blur as what got drawn on my plate. XD Ah well, don’t really mind. It isn’t exactly the same as the maid cafes in Japan but IMHO, Japan one is kinda pushing it to me, doesn’t really work there or here that well.

We tried to go to the butler cafe after that but each person needs to buy ONE set to enter. At a $GD18 minimum and my wallet growing thin, I didn’t. One of my friend’s managed to get in and her experience was good since the butler that serve her was friendly and quite an interesting guy you can talk to. Seem to be quite good, ne?

After that not-breakfast meal, we split up again I went my way to take some more photos as well as getting just one free photo (due to time constraints) from the Canon section (discussed in a previous posting).

Omega/Omnimon! *_* Will I get it?

Street Fighter Tournament! (No, I did not join in.)

Canon gave a talk on how to take good cosplay photographs.

And now, a few coplayers.

One of the stall's show girl.

Boa Hancock from One Piece!


Okay, back to the going around photos.

By around 12.30PM, we went to the main stage, to see yet another long line! Well, the wait wasn’t so long so it was okay. ^^

Oh... wait up, who's this?

OMG! I don't know who he's cosplaying but according to my friend, he got the character's character right! :O

After a short wait, we rushed to get the best seats possible and thus, the Regional Cosplay Competition.

After the contestants show their performances and commentaries were given, it was time for judging! We had to wait around for 30 minutes for that but luckily Alodia and Clyde (sp?/the guy who did 00 Raiser last year) entertained us with whatever they can do… even dancing. XD

Posing for the camera.

After all the entertainment, we got our results!

Group photo!

After that, by roughly 3pm, we got a short appearance by Angela (and Aniki), SCANDAL and May’n whom will be performing for that night’s concert. Sadly, photographs weren’t allowed at that time.

We left after that was done and I missed the Kaname and Aira panel. We left because we wanted to do something else besides staying at the AFA area all day long and went around Suntec Mall and ate some Burger King for dinner.

I end this part here for now, watch out for the next part!

To be continued…

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