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Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) – Day 2 – Regional Cosplay Competition


Since I’m particularly busy at the moment, I’ll roll out the supposedly middle posting for the 2nd day. Yes, the last day of AFAX will have three parts total due to the number of photos and text I wish to type. Since my posting of the MGF Kamen Rider Double/W CycloneJoker is quite delayed, I’ll be releasing some photos on my FB for those who are curious to see. I’m not done with the photo-shoot yet since I’m not so satisfied with the current output. :X

At any rate, enjoy the videos! I’m sure some of you will like these since this year’s cosplay competition was sure interesting to watch!
Note: Sorry for the shaky videos for some parts. ^^; I should get a camcorder and a stand next time.

*Each video is broken to 2 parts, the performance and commentary by the hosts and panel of judges.*

Fairy Tail~ (Malaysia)
“I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!” ~ Anonymous

Are you shocked? If you know about the more popular cosplayers in Malaysia, you wouldn’t be. XD

Monster Hunter (Thailand)! I just recently started playing this series and I have to say this really feels like they are really in the game, especially with he cooking part. ^_^b

Don’t fret, he came out safely at the end. XD

OMG, Xenosaga (Philippines)!

Do you think they are sexy? XD

Manga series, Defense Devil (Singapore).

Indonesia and their armor skillz! Garo~

He’s cool, yo.
This one sadly got cut-off since my memory card ran out of space… I quickly offload my photos onto my netbook just in time for the… results!

Did the one you like win?

I was honestly hoping that Malaysia could win but I guess the competition was sure tight. Gotta love them armors. *_* Nothing much to say since I want to leave this one as subjective as possible. If you guys want to see more clearer videos, hit up Youtube and search them out. I know for sure they are quit e a number of them out there… almost everyone has better cameras than me in Singapore!

Until the next post… *rushes*

PS: If I label some of the videos wrongly, tell me ya.

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  1. 20/07/2011 4:45 am

    woooooooooow…!! how much did they pay for those costumes..!!!!!!!!!!!! xDD all are AWESOME!!!! and i’m shock with the first contestant guy..! xDD

    • 20/07/2011 4:48 pm

      Haha, it was an interesting moment when many were shocked and how his fans were cheering for him that time. XD

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