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Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) – Day 1 – Part 2


Before we get to the meat of this part, more shots of the various displays and stalls in the halls. Note that there will be some spoilers on the 00 Movie near the end of the post, so you’ve been warned! There’s also two videos on Milky Holmes as well, taken by me personally. XD

Kaname appears in a Gauche cosply from Tegami Bachi over at the Mini Akiba Stage!

You can take a photo at each of this backdrops and have them printed for free by Canon! The printers were really fast too! I only managed to take one on the next day though. Time sure wasn’t plenty during the trip. ^^;

Bling bling Saint Seiya!

BD would love this.

PG Strike Freedom!

More of it, HERE.

Wish I could've gotten it while in S'pore! D:

Wooo... MG 00 QanT!

Robot Damashii 00 QanT! Too bad I didn't see one for sale though. D:

RX78-2 Gundam!

Char's Zaku II!

The highly anticipated Real Grade Zaku II!

CycloneJoker & LunaTrigger

Phew! Those were a lot of photos to post up! There’s not much to say about these photos except that I didn’t snap everything since there were a lot of people at the area. You can see my reflection some more in some of those photos! XP

Danny Choo came by as a ninja!

After going around the area and meeting my friend at the AFA Shop store to suddenly acquire a T-Shirt… I went into the stage area by 11AM, just in time for the last portion of Danny Choo. He’s really an interesting guy to see on stage and sure likes to say “alrighty” and “comrades”. He also showed an hour worth of Culture Japan as well which is very interesting to watch. Danny tries to be a ninja and practically fails at throwing shurikens, even with some sort of verbal determination inserted. Well, he succeeded in the end anyways. XD

By 12.30PM, we finally get to see the 00 Movie! Unfortunately for me, there was this tall, “wide” guy sitting in front of me… ORZ I had to move my head A LOT to watch the movie although there are 3 screens… well, 5 screens including the ones behind my seat. However, only the middle screen was clear enough to make subtitle reading comfortable. Okay…

My comments on the movie! Spoilers AHOY!

I have to admit, I was at the edge of my seat while watching the movie. The pacing was quick, the funny moments are funny (everyone laughs) and the animation quality was top notch. The starting with “Celestial Being” was really funny with the very sentai-esque story plot for the “re-telling” of CB in a movie within the movie. Actually, I really would like to see more of that since it was very funny and just over the top. XD

The story revolves around Setsuna and Aeolia’s final stage of the plan. Setsuna sadly goes back into social withdrawal due to being unable to cope fully with his new Innovator capabilities (he does make use of his fighting potential though). An understandable situation. Because of that, Fedlt who suddenly likes Setsuna near the end of the second season tries her best to come closer to him. Too bad it ended being totally one sided since Setsuna has too big of a heart for just her. Awww.

As for Descartes Shaman… he barely had a role in the movie but gives the audience a clue on what those ELS are trying to do. He’s not completely useless to the plot since he has a role, although quite minor considering the advertisement about him before the movie officially aired in Japan.

The confrontation with the unknown metallic beings was interesting and quite creepy to watch. Creepy due to the reason that they try to assimilate the people and the movie shown quite the graphic assimilated people. Oh my. Other than that, the ELS kinda remind me of Decepticons when vehicles without drivers in them try to ram other people. ^^; If you didn’t know, the ELS are attracted to people who have the potential to become Innovators and Quantum Brainwaves. When fighting against the ELS, Innovators seem to have some difficulty in trying to attack them, especially Setsuna, since their instincts somewhat tells them not to.

Billy and Meina is an interesting coupling… Billy didn’t really want her but she really went all out to get him. XD I guess I’m okay with that then even though the coupling is just so sudden. Patrick and Kati even flirted in the Celestial Being spaceship… before being interrupted. And, yes, Patrick almost died but he just can’t. The other couplings are also done well, since they have been established by the end of the second season. “No matter what form Erde-san is in, I love him!

From what I can tell from watching the movie, you may need to watch it a few times before some of the plot elements sink into your mind. Since I’ve already indulge myself with all the spoilers on the net, I understood the whole movie quite well. I still really enjoyed it even though I was very spoiled already. That tells you how much I actually like the Gundam 00 series (or how good the movie is). XP Anyways, with the release of the Blu-Ray/DVD soon, most of us can watch it some more or finally get to watch it. :)

As abrupt the ending seem to some, I think it was right for them to end it as such. It’s a movie after all. Everything lead to that end and the flower doesn’t seem all that misplaced to me or maybe I have just accepted the fact the space station is huge freaking dessert flower. :X

Overall, I’m pleased with the movie. It isn’t about fighting a war and destroying each other (but the battles in the movie are awesome!). It isn’t about aliens who just come for the sake of global takeover. It’s about understanding between the people of earth and how they can unite when given an external threat as well as understanding those from another world. A good theme that I personally felt to be communicated “alrighty” for the movie. Will our own earth reach a peaceful time one day?

End spoilers!

After watching the movie, I stayed longer at my seat to see the other stage stuff until 4.30PM. Yes, I didn’t leave the stage area at all from 11AM until 4.30PM! O.O

By 2.30PM, we get an appearane by the seiyuu for Milky Holmes. I really don’t know what was that about before the session but now I know. It’s somewhat of a moe induced detective anime/game/card game… yeah. It has a currently airing anime and soon to have a PSP game as well. The card game is by the Weiβ Schwarz.

FYI, you can get an autograph from them if you buy any of the Milky Holmes merchandise in a receipt of $GD30 and above from the Bushiroad stall. My friend did, I didn’t. I considered getting it on the second day but nah, not really into that.

JAM Project & Ichiro Mizuki appearance!

By around 3.15~3.30PM like that, a short appearance of the singers for that night’s concert – JAM Project and Ichiro Mizuki. I unfortunately didn’t go since it was out of budget. ^^; After watching their short session on stage, I did feel like I want to go but I didn’t. FYI, JAM Project was celebrating its 10th Anniversary so their concert was great from what my friend who attended told me. :O

Kana Hanazawa!

Too bad it wasn’t allowed to take photos during this session (why not?) but a lot of people still did. I took one quick shot myself for my own memory. XP The live dubbing was nice to watch but they just have to pick that slightly tear-jerking part of Angel Beats first. I almost cried watching it again. ;_; She also did a live-dubbing for one scene in Black Rock Shooter. The scenes picked were both pretty emotional for some odd reason. Hmmm.

Oh yeah, the CEO of Good Smile Company also announced that there will be a sequel for Black Rock Shooter which most of you would probably know anyways.

After that session, the stage events are over and the AFA comity needs to set up the area for that night’s concert. I bid farewell to my friends and went off to dinner at Burger King and then off to my journey into the night streets of Singapore. I got a bit lost looking for a certain shop but managed to get a 1.5mm pla-plate and quick epoxy putty. I tried to go to another shop in mind but the shop closed at 8PM and I reached there by 8.30PM. OTL Thus, I went back to my hostel and rested before the next day… (I still slept late since my friends and I chatted the night away.)

If you went for the concert, you get one of this nice looking cards. This is my friend’s one BTW.

One of the cheaper meals I had while in Singapore.

I used it immediately. XD

To be continued…

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  1. 20/11/2010 3:24 pm

    seriously, it will be useless if i am the one to report this event ^^;;
    hardly know anything else aside from things that i just really like ^^;;;

    btw, didnt buy cement?

    • 20/11/2010 3:45 pm

      I knew I forgot something… ORZ
      Ah well, let there be superglue!

  2. 20/11/2010 4:24 pm

    Thanks for the spoilers, now have a bit more clue on what the movie is all about. =D

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