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Singapore Trip – Day 1


Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) will be covered in another post. For now, my experience and comments about the first day of the trip to another country.

This is actually my first time going to another country and to add to that without my family as I went with my friends. I am very fortunate to have parents that were willing to let me go out into the world as well as support me financially for this whole trip.
Note: This post is quite long so load and read at your own risk. ^^;

Ready for take-off...

This trip was planned since the early half of this year by my seniors. It was technically meant to be a field trip for the club members of the Swinburne Anime Society (SAMS) but unfortunately funds were not “get-able” so no one else but me from the university could go. Why was I able to go? Well, I was given charge to tackle the entire event so I did a lot of things like booking my flight and so on first before confirming if any other people could go. We were supposed to do a fund-raiser like event but sadly that didn’t go too well. Nonetheless, I am grateful that I was able to go. With the fact that I didn’t have anybody to lead in a “field-trip-way”, I was very free and able to go to the places in mind. Keikakku Doori, at least for my shopping plan.

I booked my flight from AirAsia to go to Singapore on the 12th of November and return back with TigerAirways on the 15th of November. The flights are relatively painless and went by smoothly. More on the return flight later.

I flew by 9.50AM on a bright morning of Friday. Flight was actually delayed by about an hour from the original listing. However, it was properly notified through email so there weren’t any painful delays. It was also a good thing as it made it easier for me to go to the airport in the morning since the flight wasn’t so darn early anymore. While in the plane, I played with my Nintendo DS, which is the only console I brought at that moment, until I didn’t notice that we were about to land again. I actually traveled as light as possible for this trip so that I can move around much easier by the way. If anyone is curious, I played only one game during the whole entire trip, Burnout Legends – getting gold in every event I did during the trip. O.o

I touch down in Singapore by 11.30AM and proceeded to the train station. I thought I might get lost but I was lucky that Singapore was littered with signs. So, technically you won’t get lost, not easily anyways. If you don’t know where to go, however, you can ask the people around and they will kindly tell you what you want to know. Wow, impressive. The people in Singapore as well as the overall atmosphere there is very welcoming.

Opens at 12 Noon SHARP.

Because I wanted to get the EZ-Link card for the ease of my travels, I had to wait for a bit before I can do so. The counter person was very nice too, well everyone is nice, so the things I wanted to know are answered nicely. I practically thanked a good number of people while in Singapore. XP

After getting my EZ-Link card, which is one of the best things ever due to the ease of use, I boarded the train to Bugis – the area where my hostel is located. FYI, I bought the lifetime card instead of the unlimited travelers’ card. Even though I had to change trains before reaching my destination, it was relatively painless and very easy to do. Much more easier than KL.. even going in and out the trains is also much easier. I don’t have to fight my way through or anything! I can just patiently wait in line as everyone kindly follows the rules – something a bit far off for my own country. ^^;

Welcome to Bugis!

Good thing I printed that map for my hostel. Then again, it probably won’t be hard to ask around either since I got asked by a nearby shop owner if I was looking for Superb Hub (the hostel I stayed in) before I reached it. XD

I reached the hostel by 12.50PM and rested for a while, updated my FB status and updated by blog with a small note which most of you would know already. I left the hostel by 1.20PM towards Harbour Front, then to Resort World Sentosa! Used the train to Harbour Front then the bus service to the resort.

Santas! 5 of them! O.O

Candies on tree!

Universal Studios!


This snake charmer is very passionate about snakes!

Phew, that was  a lot of photos! I actually didn’t think of going here for my trip to Singapore this time but my friends and I planned to meet here, so I did. In actual fact, my friends came a day earlier to Singapore while I came a day later due to class. Nonetheless, finding them wasn’t hard and I enjoyed my walk around the resort although I didn’t do anything that requires some expenses. XP Well, next time.

After meeting them nearby Universal Studios (I shall go there next time!) We walked together until we went to Subway for a late lunch… since none of us has eaten anyways. ^^;

Foot long subway! I thought it would be a challenge... but meh. XD

After a bit of persuasion, I bought the foot long subway. My friends were surprised I could eat the whole thing no problem. Well, I can eat if I really want to. XD Too bad for my wallet though… then again, the price of food and beverages in Singapore isn’t kind on me wallet throughout. D: Luckily the food budget was properly set or else…

After lunch, my friends wanted to go to the casino. Two of us weren’t able to get in unfortunately since one was wearing shorts and the other, me, was underage. I was feeling lucky some more that time… ah well.

It sounded nice. ^^

Being underage prevents you from gambling, is that a good or bad thing?

Oooh, a magician/illusionist!

While waiting for my friends, there was a magic show nearby. Interesting and funny to see! Actually, there are a number of free events while you walk around the resort which is very nice for those who are not able to spend to do everything or at least most of anything there like me. Also, during the wait, a woman from the tourism board approached me and my friend doing a survey about why we came to Singapore/the resort. I talked to her like I usually talked… ah, Singapore is such an open place or maybe that’s because I’m pretty open too. ^^

By 5.30PM, I went my separate way from my friends to meet up with Chubbybots, Marzz and Marzz’s friend at Takashimaya. It took a bit of a while before I could find Marzz but we managed to meet up and hanged around the area. Too bad the actual sales at Takashimaya hasn’t started yet but at least we had a nice talk, a real face to face talk. Also, I like to thank Chubbs who brought us to Kinokuniya where I managed to get volume 3 of Gundam 00F (volume 4 hasn’t arrive yet unfortunately) and also for his member card that entitled me to a 10% discount. XD

I actually talked to them like I usually talk that time which makes it kinda weird since we only really met then other than at the flash chatroom. “I just met him this morning, that’s why.”

Ate at Mos Burger with them. I was darn thirsty that time too. XP

After going about, looking at the shops you know we would “hit”, we went our separate way home by 9PM. Thanks for the time together guys!

I reached my hostel not long after that time and just relaxed… played my DS, surf the net and slept pretty late before the next day…

To be continued…

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  1. 17/11/2010 7:19 pm

    Foot-long subway, you finished it entirely. *thumbs up*
    Don’t leave trace of it. >D

    Coo… you even met Chubbs and Marzz there. :(

    • 17/11/2010 9:52 pm

      I finished, finished it. No sauce left unlicked. >.>

      Haha, yeah. Wonder if I can meet all of you guys one day? ^^

  2. 17/11/2010 8:49 pm

    Eheheh, hope you enjoyed your trip here in Singapore!

    • 17/11/2010 9:53 pm

      Hehe, I did. Hope I can come again next year. ^^

  3. 17/11/2010 9:15 pm

    I did no SG got so many things lol although i liv in SG lol XD

    • 17/11/2010 9:54 pm

      Haha, go around more then! S’pore has lots of stuff that makes many of us over here quite envious… well, except the price of food… but yeah. XD

  4. 18/11/2010 12:36 am

    hoho, nice and great trip you have there~

    we need M’sians FloweringNight gathering! XDDDD

  5. heathorn permalink
    28/11/2010 10:07 am

    casino is quite dangerous rndm ^^
    but if it’s just to get inside and play for fun it should be okay.

    you stayed in Bugis, so you went to M workshop or HAG?

    • 28/11/2010 12:06 pm

      I only managed to go to HAG a bit on the second day of the trip. ^^

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