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Ngee Khiong Ends His Blog – Personal Opinions


For those who are familiar as to how I post my stuff will realize I’m going to do a heck long post here regarding what NK said as his finale to his renown blog. As sad as it is for him to end it, all good things will eventually come to an end although I personally find this end to be quite sudden (on the readers side) since it could have gone for many many years to come.

I warn those who read this that this is completely my personal opinion on this turn of events.

  1. News & Rumors
    I have to agree that people may regard rumors as truth and be misled. Then again, we all love rumors, right? When the content of news isn’t enough to satisfy our thirst we tend to pursue some rumors that could be truth. It is fun but as time has shown us, it may not be so. A good example is the rumors that you can hear in school halls. We can hurt our friends in school during such situations so isn’t that true for this case as well?
    Rumors are nice and all but they are simply rumors. Nice to talk about but nothing you should get too work up about even though you are unhappy when it is untrue. Just don’t claim rumors as truth and then make a big head out of it. ^^;
  2. Opinions
    It is undeniable that people like to follow a figurehead’s thoughts and opinions when they voiced them. I would too. All in all, don’t be to fixated on others or your own opinion. Opinions are based on individual views and can be very subjective and should not be taken as truth. Even this posting is purely my own personal opinion and should not be taken as truth as well but I try to be as justified as possible. XP
  3. Violent Response
    I just couldn’t believe this part even as true as it may. Wow, cursing at the release of the PG Strike Freedom through a video conversation? Talk about extreme. Even I wouldn’t go that far. As NK has stated throughout his long post, it is just plastic. Plastic you can love and have fun with (IMHO) so why should you curse something that you aren’t force to get? Unless you’re “going off” really soon, there shouldn’t be any kind of outrages disappointment over the release of a “not so popular” MS. I don’t really like the SF in the story, true, but I admit I like the design after looking at the recent Robot Damashii release as well as the soon to be release PG version. Those wings are simply beautiful especially when expanded.
    As much as you dislike or hate something, there is no need to make such a fuss about it especially if it doesn’t affect you in some adverse way. Are we forced to buy it? No. If you don’t like it, skip it and wait for the one you want. I’m still waiting for the PG Exia and will still be until it comes around to be my first real PG. =)
    There might be other similar cases as this but this was the one stated.
  4. Variations
    I’m kinda guilty here, I think. I also thought of possible variations with each new releases such as for the MG Victory Gundam and voiced them a little. Then again, I still liked the “base version” as it is and don’t actually rant the possibility in an upsetting manner. ^^;
    Anyways, with recent marketing gimmicks done by Bandai, a lot of people like to think of the variations possible when certain Gunpla are released. Nothing wrong to think and talk about the future possibilities. It’s fun since you can feel the anticipation of the possible release you yourself want.
    As a crazy example is me having more than 10 Exias and 2 Astraea Type Fs in my possession (read through my blog, I’m not joking). I don’t hate them at all. I just loved the Exia way too much but there is no hate needed when so many variations are produced. It in all truth create more options for the customers which ultimately benefit our freedom of purchasing what we like.
  5. Hobbies are Meant to be Fun
    This is a hobby, an interest and something you do for fun. Why do I buy Gunpla? Because I love the designs and at the same time love to spend my time to build them the best I can. If it isn’t fun for you anymore, it is time to let go and find another thing that may interest you better. There is no point in clinging onto things that you do not like anymore because that will only make you yourself suffer.
  6. Aw, Why Didn’t the One I Want Get Released?
    Do you really need to be so upset when the one you want does not get released that month? Seriously. You are not forced to buy, you DON’T NEED IT TO LIVE. You may love it, its existence is warm but that doesn’t mean you can be so overly emotional over it. As I’ve said before, I’m still waiting and still am for the PG Exia. I wasn’t too happy when the PG 00 Raiser was released but I didn’t spite it even though I wished for another. Not at all, I actually want to get it but unfortunately I’m not able to. Sad? Not really. At least I have more funds for the other Gunpla I actually like. I”m not working yet so this is a great constraint on my part. If there is nothing I want for a certain time period, at least I can accumulate my savings for another more “heavy” time period or buy something else. I actually bought a Xbox 360 recently. XD
  7. Bandai is EVIL!
    They are a business in which they exist to gain a profit. Sure they sell stuff you like but technically you aren’t forced to buy anything from them. Am I forced? Do I feel forced? No, not at all. If I were, I’d be deprived of food and be living a horrid life forced to buy stuff I’m supposed to like.
    I do call them “evil” but not because of a reason such as Bandai is milking my money. I just think that their part selection can be a little disappointing sometimes (beam sabers, effort of production, etc) but I can say that’s because I like to be thorough with my thoughts on the model kits I’ve bought since I’m giving my personal opinion on them through my detailed reviews.
  8. Close Minded
    My father told me I should be open minded and thus I try my best to be so. I try to be very open my postings even though my arguments can be pretty strong sometimes but I’m not dead set on my own thoughts. I can change them if my perception is wrong, misguided or lacking the full information to create a proper judgment.
    If you have watched Gundam 00 thus far especially the movie, we should open our minds and “evolve”. We won’t become Newtypes or Innovators but we should try our best to be more open minded. Don’t be someone who closes their mind thinking you’re the rightful one.
  9. Picking Sides & War
    “Why do we have to fight?” We always hear that in Gundam and we can ask this same question again in the situation whereby people chose sides about their Gunpla. UC, G, W, X, SEED and 00. Do we need to pick between them and fight against those who don’t pick the same one as you? Personally I’m with NK on this. I like each Gundam series for their own values. I do like 00 above most of them but I don’t dislike any of the others. SEED Destiny was a downer, yes, but I still liked the designs in the series.
    In terms of Gunpla, I basically got at least one from every major Gundam anime that was aired. I loved, if you like to call it that, the designs quite a lot as well as the story portrayed which makes this war between collectors very sad. We should reach an understanding between each other, accept our differences in opinions and likes. Isn’t that what Gundam is all about? Peace and understanding?
  10. Ero?!
    I has nothing to say about this one. ^^;
  11. Pirate Gunpla
    Wow, I didn’t know it was that bad for NK. To even get calls to put down that article about the court case is surprising. It did escalate a war between those who buy bootlegs and those who do not especially those who only buy original until lots of bad things happen. Prime92 was practically assaulted through comments and at that same time I was afraid for my own blog safety since I buy and review bootleg Gunpla as well.
    In fact, I had to actually think of the exact reasons why I bought them which makes the situation quite severe so that I won’t be plagued by trolls. ^^;
    However, I do not blame NK in any way. It is news, news that we should know as Gunpla collectors.
  12. Gunpla is Life
    Even though I’ve said you do not need them to live but that doesn’t mean they are of no value in our lives (I hope you can get what I meant). It is admirable how much Gunpla is valued in NK’s life as stated in his post. Even I don’t build a part daily, though slowly, I only build mine when I have ample of free time and mood to do so. I do take my already built ones out and change their cupboard pose from time to time though. I like to change their poses once in a while since I always look at them every morning before I go off to school.
  13. A Certain Youtube Video
    I think most of you know whose video NK is referring. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy that video though… well it “hurts” a bit though since that was a decent kit to drop down from such a high place. He’s disappointed but that’s on behalf of his own opinion of the value of Gunpla. I personally don’t mind but I wouldn’t do that to mine. I thought of experimenting with my bootlegs but with no proper tools and equipment (yet), I’m still not incline to do anything even though you can call them of “lesser value”.
  14. I Don’t Blame You, No, Don’t Take the Blame Like That (To NK)
    You reported the news, even more than just Gunpla, which we should be grateful for. You spend most of your 4 years and a half doing so. Posting 2000 posts last year and even more than that this year. That is pure dedication. No one else seem to be able to do that, not as far as I’ve seen. I appreciate your news and I read your blog practically everyday more than once a day. Even though you listed up your sources, it was nice for us to be able to read most of the news from one link. No need for us to visit so many places at once. You provided ease of access for all of us. I appreciate your effort and your blog will surely be missed by me and many others.
  15. Passing of the Baton, Making a Blog Better than NK?
    That’s quite hard. Not many people can do it. Right now, I feel like I want to give it a try but I’m sure I won’t be as good as NK ever was. Well, maybe I will try it… if my internet bandwidth and free time permits. Should I attempt this or maybe someone else is already prepping themselves to do so? Heh, let’s see what I’ll do. Right now, I don’t even know since I’m too “random” to say that I won’t.

I don’t really have anything else to say already and I think that’s enough. Thank you NK for all you did and I hope you will still enjoy your blogging life with EX since you fortunately not ending that. I really like your reviews there. Very informative and useful since I don’t have the “proper tools” yet. Haha.

7 Comments leave one →
  1. 05/10/2010 7:28 pm

    Sad, disappointed and WTF were they thinking (at the youtube parts).

    Whoever going to fill his shoe will find that its a very BIG shoe to fill in…

  2. 05/10/2010 8:01 pm

    Yea, cursing and swearing about the PG Strike Freedom is abit extreme……
    And I agree with both you and NK about people taking sides on different Gundam series. I mean come on, each and every series are different, and people still compare this series to another, like I can see many people saying that Wing and 00 are too similar. They are DIFFERENT, both unique in their own ways. (I am not sure about Wing, coz I haven’t watched it yet, but I am planning to watch it after watching X.)

  3. 05/10/2010 8:46 pm

    I don’t get it why people take sides…. it’s a man made-anime politics and they wanna get into the picture… geez….

  4. mangyver5223 permalink
    05/10/2010 8:49 pm

    It was a shock news but I hope there are someone will follow NK’s blog next time, hopefully :)

  5. Chris permalink
    05/10/2010 9:02 pm

    What I learnt from Ngee Khiong’s long last post: Be careful, haters! Everytime someone complains about Gunpla, NK will be disheartened (repeated 12 times throughout the post).

    Personally, I don’t mind or care about the complains, nor do I think it’s wrong to speculate about future releases, but I don’t blog too so what do I know.
    The nature of our Gunpla community…. all I can say is it’s all due to human’s nature. We cannot expect it to be the ideal place we imagined it to be, and NK chooses not to associate himself with the extremists and quits from the community because it’s not the perfect place for him anymore. But that’s how life is, isn’t it? We live on with different people with different ideals and mindsets.

    It’s kinda ironic how how he keeps saying he is insignificant when we know that’s not true. We basically feed our interest off his constant news and updates. He doesn’t like arguments or bickerings too but I think that depends on the nature of the argument, healthy or not.

    Ultimately, he chose to close his blog and we can only respect his decision and thank him for all the hard work. I seriously doubt I would go through all those links to get news though (it’s a wonder how he does it on a daily basis).

  6. chubbybots permalink
    05/10/2010 9:06 pm

    Very good breakdown on all his points man and a splash of your own thoughts. Ero was like lol!!! (Maybe Tiera has got something to do with that!)

    That cursing video is way overkill! I personally don’t like PGs in general but that doesn’t mean I go round bitching about it and ruining the experience of other would be buyers. I think NK main aim was to just release info so that everyone can know when to buy their stuff or plan their buying instead of bashing or lamenting on the kits…

  7. 06/10/2010 8:54 am

    well, yeah, i had to say NK choose the best ending for his blog,giving out everything for us to think on ^^

    it is rather hard to lay out my opinions since i just rather took it into my very own understanding for my own use XD but yeah, “why do you buy gunpla?” that’s a great question, i must say. starting as a child’s interest, it grows into passion and now, it’s my own style of arts ^^

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