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Alternate Spark – Terms Correction & Characters 1


Here is a bit more on the story I thought up. I would like some C&C for the story and designs (do note, however, that these are just sketches and some simple coloring for better visuals). ^^

Terms (Simple)

Creators (Magic) – They are the magic users that can summon Avatars.

Avatars – A summon being from “within”. Holds great power and is about 15-ish meters tall. The power of the Avatar is relative to the Creator summoning it.

Progressors (Technology) – They are people who focuses on the use of technology to aid human life. Basically, they use machines.

Voldus -A bipedal product of the Progressors. (In layman terms, a mecha.) Voldus is the main machine of war for them (they also have tanks, planes, etc as well).

Alchemists (In-Between) -The people who are considered to be “in-between”. They are the creators of the Alternates. In essence, they too are using magic, just more technical and balanced.

AlternatesAlternates are similar to Voldus in structure and make but it has added powers by being infused by “alchemy circles”. A prism looking crystal is used to make it work. Some say that the Alternates are actually Voldus‘s infused with an Avatar.

However, after The Great Reset*, these three factions have been abolished and the new A.N.G.E.L.s took over…

Archeologists – They are the scavengers of the New Era. After The Great Reset, most of the world was destroyed in a typical post-apocalypse way. (Think of Gurren Lagann, Gundam X or Zoids Genesis for your imagination.  ^^;) Unlike the archeologists you know in the real world, they are also mercenaries or whatever you need them to be when something needs to be done. Archeologists needs to carry along with them passes to be able to go from city to city.

A.N.G.E.L.s – Considerably the New Era‘s governing power. They control the world using a bureaucratic style which causes the poor to suffer. They say that their methods are the best to ensure mankind will prosper and no one can actually oppose them…

*Refer to previous post.

Main Character

Roughly colored ^^;

(Sorry for the messy coloring, first time using this style for humans. ^^;)

Name: Kai
Age: 16
Blood Type: O
Height: 170cm

Kai isn’t your average main character, well not so average for this year’s list of main characters. He’s the type that keeps his calm and make sure he keeps a level head when fighting any opponents. He can get emotional when his comrades are hurt, however, as he has learn that his comrades/friends are one of the most important treasures for anyone during these times. Trained from young by the Dai-Shishou (roughly Big Master), he isn’t someone to look down in skills of combat especially in CQC (close quarters combat).

Design-wise, he’s based on Haseo from .Hack G.U. and Adell from Disgaea 2.

Type: Close Quarter Combat Voldus
Name: G.I.N. Custom
Pilot: Dai-Shishou, Kai
Height: 14.6m
Weight: ???
Operational Time: Extremely Long
Armaments: Fists, Anti-Beam Scarf, Optional Gun, Optional Beam Sword

Before the Alternate Spark that you all know by now, this is what Kai piloted. It was passed down to him from the Dai-Shishou. However, due to its oldness in frame and make… well, you can guess what happens or see the bottom of this post to see it for yourself.
Voldus are technically your average mechs. They operate using a fuel source and can run of energy after a good amount of use. However, by the New Era, they used a different and longer lasting fuel. Operation time can last up to a month if used under normal operations (non-combat) while it varies greatly is used in combat.
The G.I.N. type has the longest operation time since they do not use any heavy weaponry and mainly attack using smaller and lighter weaponry. However, they have to move much more thus maintenance is higher.

The overall design of the G.I.N. is based on Zero from MegaMan/Rockman X and the scarf is based on Ginga from Metal Fight Beyblade.
It is also based on Shining and God Gundam.

Basic/Normal Form

False Form Idea Sketch

Type: Variable Alternate
Name: Spark
Pilot: Kai, Luka
Height: 15.3m
Weight: ???
Operational Time: Infinite
Armaments: Various

Unlike Voldus, Alternates has a seemingly infinite operation time and barely any maintenance is required. It has a self-repair ability but the pilot is somehow required to be with it in order to do so. After use, it also leaves the pilot in fatigue for some odd reason. (The reason, though obvious, will only be revealed later on. ;))
Even though Spark is a variable type, Kai mainly does CQC styled fighting. Weapons such as buster blades and small guns are also used from time to time. However, the full potential of the Spark was only found out later on in the story which allowed greater and more versatile use.
From the sketches above, the Spark harbors Form Change. For now, in mind, it has Basic Form, Activated Form, False Form, Released Form and Savior Form. I think I give a good idea of how it works by just telling the names of the forms here. ^^;

Important Characters

Name: Luka
Age: 15
Blood Type: ???
Height: 164cm

She’s the heroine of this story and plays a vital role. For now, her character is not yet fully developed in my mind but expect a silent and not so social person. XP
She also has a lot of secrets surrounding her but Kai seemingly holds a great trust towards her. She is also needed for Spark to unleash its greater powers.

Name: Dai-Shishou Galeio
Age: ???
Blood Type: AB
Height: 183cm

The person who brought up and trained Kai. One of the most famous person in the world for his skills and strength. His wisdom and knowledge aren’t half bad too. However, he seem to have disappeared a while ago… or so most would think.
He has the master type of character. Kind or harsh in his words when need to be, he cares for his disciples. He has a fatherly aura about him. (He is like a father figure to Kai.)

Based on Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid.

Name: Shishou (Kendo/Swordsmanship)/Aruneil
Age: ???
Blood Type: ???
Height: 160cm

Don’t let his looks deceive you. He’s a guy and a pretty strong one in fact. He is considered the best in swordsmanship and pilots a Voldus which uses swords as its main arsenal.
He’s straight to the point but do not like “stupid business”. A sort of tsundere character. He may act cold most of the times but he truly cares for those who are important to him. Because of that, he can also be careless at times. However, he seem to have a deep grudge against the A.N.G.E.L.s…
He lives in a famous dojo and is the master there.

Based on Zero & Ciel from MegaMan/Rockman Zero.

Type: Close Quarter Combat (Sword) Voldus
Name: ???
Pilot: Aruneil
Height: 14.9m
Weight: ???
Operation Time: Above Average
Armaments: Arm Blade (2), Beam Sword (2)

Since Aruneil isn’t an Archeologist, he doesn’t use a long time operation Voldus. It is similar to G.I.N.s in concept but ultimately uses swords for combat. The Sword Arm can be detached if it proves to be a liability in battle.

Minor Characters
Kai’s Comrades

James – Cheery and bright head mechanic.

Dr. Simon Ral – Eccentric person. Important person to investigate the findings.

The Other Three – The expressions says all (hope you can read the handwriting). ^^;

World Designs

Domes – Towns, cities, etc are housed in large clear domes. Not all are covered by domes, only the main places. To get inside, you need the proper passes.


13th A.N.G.E.L. Gatekeeper Uriel – An important opponent to come… It has a shield on the left arm which can shoot and form a long beam blade as well.

A.N.G.E.L. – There are 13 angels altogether. All of which will be based on known methodology. They are still in the process of designing and the only good design I have for them are “angelic, tall framed beings”.

Misc Stuff

This one won’t be used since it kind infringes some copyrights. Totally based on Skeith from .Hack G.U..

That’s all for this post. If there is some confusion for this part, try to refer to the previous post first. If you do get confused still, please do comment since I may have overlooked something. ^^
Until the next post… maybe I’ll build the GX sometime tomorrow and the Aizu sometime next week also. Should I put the Aizu together first or paint first before putting together? The mod I’m gonna do for it will be done as I cut the parts out no matter which technique I use.

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