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Alternate Spark – World Creation & Main Unit


Remember the previous post I put up? Well, I and my sister has thought up of various ideas and ended up expanding the world of this story quite a fair amount. We even have a rather big story background I have to admit. Well, how good it is depends on not me but the people who may read this.

I won’t say this story is in anyways original or not cliche but let’s see what I can do. =)

The Past

The world was separated by two great powers, technology and magic. People who has low or zero magical potential are within the technology side while those with magical potential are at the magical potential. Due to their differences and conflicting beliefs, war broke out between them for many many years. However, at one point of time, a new power came to be, a faction which fuses both magic and technology and they call themselves – The Alternates.

The war quickly became a triangle whereby three strong forces fought each other for their own beliefs. The magic users who believe in the way to continuing being one with the natural balance of the world, the technology users who believe in the way to continue greater human capabilities from technological assistance and the final faction who wanted to fuse the both of these traits to create a greater potential for humans.

The magic users summons Avatars which they can fuse with to fight while the technology users uses humanoid machines with great technological capabilities – Voldus. However, for the Alternates, the used the concepts of both for something capable of something much more…

Do to this war of clashing beliefs, greed and the harshness of reality, the world broke apart and become nothing. The world reset and magic was virtually lost. People began once again from scratch… with technology being the key factor.


The world is now governed by technology but the world isn’t prosperous as it should be due to the mistakes of the past. Majority of the world suffered and only those were born under a lucky star (rich) can really enjoy life. Those who are not either stay in less than suitable living situations or do miscellaneous jobs for the rich (being mercenaries, assassins, any sort of job that can be considered dirty). However, mercenaries are the key job for these less fortunate people. The scavenge for parts and do most of the miscellaneous jobs. They also get to pilot the reversed engineered Voldus from the past.

Unfortunately, the world is also governed by A.N.G.E.L.S.. A mechanical system that regulates the world. They looks like angelic avatars with unfathomable powers. No one can oppose them and those that do, will meet a terrible end. It is said, they are actually Alternates being piloted by those who have magical potential. Because of that rumor, those who seem to even have the slightest “mystical” power will be brought down in a sort of “witch hunt”.

Sketched Concepts

This is the main unit – Alternate Spark. It is of course based on the Spark Gundam I made so that’s why you’ll see some very heavy similarities as well as some older concepts being reused. The design is not stable yet but you get the gist of it from the sketches above. =)

This is the instant design that came to mind when creating the protagonist. I have to admit he is the earlier design of the protagonist of my fan-fic Gunda 00D but I did a different story direction due to some restrictions which, if you read the previous posts, would know.

“Kai” is his name and it may be changed. It was just the “best” name I could think of in the spur of the moment. He’s basically your not so sociable main character who has great potential and eventually supposed to save the world or something. XD

These two are just some random conceptual designs for the Voldus and A.N.G.E.L.. I made the left neko-like cuz’ I like neokos. :3

Other Considerations

Alternates, which are made by the Alternates (yes, they used their faction’s name to name heir machines of war), are a double edged sword. It can be technically be used by anyone but those without magic potential or weak magic potential can get “eaten” by it (if they are lucky, the machine does not move). Only those with great magical potential can use it. It uses very advance technology similar to the technology side but can tap into the magical powers of humans to increase its power.

Being powered by technology and magic, it has powers like the Avatars in which they can recover, have more firepower and so on. Do note the extended capabilities depends heavily on the pilot so only a “strong pilot can bring the potential of the Alternate. People who have great magical potential are called… Creators.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you guys like the story idea. C&C welcomed. X|

Credits: Credit to the conversation between BD and ZD for the concept of magic to be added to the story. =)

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  1. heathorn permalink
    05/06/2010 12:23 am

    rndm is so creative
    you can write your own fanfic novel and publish :D

  2. 05/06/2010 9:49 pm

    and more awesome story you got there ;D

    and all Spark-related designs are always a pleasant for my eyes~


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