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Random Story Idea Time! Own Story Idea #00?


Okay, I don’t know what number to put there since I do have some other stories already made in my mind but I’ve yet to tell you all that and they are definitely not mecha unlike the ones I do tell you all. XP (If you want to know, I might tell since they are rather big-ish).

Every time when there are exams and when I’m down with my assignments, I tend to think a little more than just about the work or exam I’m studying for. I will most likely let my mind trail off into the distance and, BAM, an idea will come to me. This time I got a mecha story in mind. It is sort-of based on the Gundam 00D I’ve been showing to you all but it will have a more super robot theme to it and a less world-ly atmosphere that Gundam usually have. I do, however, fel that I’ll need to watch more mecha series before I can actually expand this story properly but I’ll list down my already generated ideas. =D

<Alternate Spark>
The Lost Hope

In a world without hope, the world was torn due to the mistakes of the past. The poor, which covers the majority, suffers and the rich prospers. People who want to live have to do the “dirty” jobs of the world to survive…

“Mercenaries”, they use their mechas to do their jobs. These mechas are about 13-15 meters in height and are powered by a particle engine (tentative idea). A particle engine converts electrical power into the necessary output to power the mechas (based on the GN Drive Tau). However, there are certain mechas, from the “old world”, call “Alternates” which have an infinite energy source and unfathomable powers.

Our main character happens to be a novice mercenary. One day while doing his task… he finds a machine… “Alternate Spark”.

The rest are blah blah blah. I don’t know if this is any good though as it is just a random idea I just got. I haven’t even drew it out but I can certainly say it has a lot of tie ins with the concepts from Gundam 00 as well as my own extensions in Gundam 00D. Spark, however, will play a lead role completely here. XD

Random Stuff

“There is no hope in this world…”

“Boy, you have found something great here! Want to trade it in?”

“This is… an Alternate…?”

“You are one of them, a Creator.”

So, wha’chu guys think?

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  1. chubbybots permalink
    29/05/2010 8:09 am

    Hmm kinda reminds me of Gundam X / Turn A. Main character stumbles upon uber old world mecha :D But imagine him finding the old exia in a corner haha ^^

    • 29/05/2010 1:52 pm

      Actually, in a sense, I did get the basis from those two as well (I so need to watch more non-Gundam stuff). XP

      *main character notices a mech with one arm gone*

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