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Is Facebook Killing Blogs?


How many blogs in your blogroll are dead today?

What about your own blog? Are you updating it as much as you did before you joined Facebook?
(Note: Minus being busy in real life since that is understandable.)

I’ve joined Facebook not too long ago under a request by a friend of mine. Even so, I merely lurk there to keep track of my friends (I’m very selective when adding). I do, in fact, upload some videos and photos there which relates to my real life happenings. With that said, I noticed people are more likely to comment upon those in FB than when they are posted on blogs nowadays too. Does that also tell us that people spend more time lurking on FB than going around reading others’ blogs?

I still go about reading others’ blogs mainly those in my blogroll or any blogs that comes around if I find them interesting (that’s in my case). I don’t necessarily comment unless I have something random or constructive to say. When you see comments on FB, they are seemingly unrestricted and can be quite free in a sense. I mean, look at the comments on your wall.

There is also another argument that can be brought up that FB can instead help some to increase their blog readers in the case of making fans. I don’t really know how effective this is but I’ve seen some blogs doing this.

At any rate, I won’t talk much here as I would like it if others pitch in and give comments about this question. Let’s hear what you think! =D

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  1. 23/05/2010 8:25 pm

    IMO, in a “general” (from articles that I’ve read months before) sense yes. Users had becoming more and more lazy, they wanted things that is “instantaneous”, “up to date”, “flashy” and automated. FB provides all that all under one roof. Provided of course that your connection is stable at high-bandwidth speed, if not it only makes one’s browser hang or (worse) making the PC non-responsive (been there, done that).

    Me? I only go to FB only when deemed necessary (just to check for messages and such) and never hangout there (the most is ten minutes or less).

    I prefer blogging than FB, so I can sit back and read at my own pace (without st00pid annoyances like in FB) and commented them.

    Guess I’m one of the more traditional Internet user, whom take things at a more leisurely pace. :)

  2. 23/05/2010 11:23 pm

    well for me, blog is more fun for me as i always go for the updates of my blogrolls (plus lurking sometimes XD)

    for FB, since i just had ended my secondary schooling life, thats the best alternative to get in touch with old friends, and gets news especially for universities enrollments..but sure blogging is more fun =D

  3. chubbybots permalink
    24/05/2010 5:35 pm

    Well it nearly killed me lol!! Facebook is much more addictive initially now its kinda wearing it off for me :D But I did get new readers to my blog from facebook. I think its possible to find a middle ground and put each to good use ^^ well time to start unpacking!!

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