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Gundam 00D – Ideas, Concepts & Sketches Spam! Compilation Post + Bonus


Okay, time for a huge post! This post will most likely give deja vu to most Gundam fans and especially to those in the chatroom. Be warned that this post may contain too much data or ideas that of a horrible or crazy parody-ful stuff!

Onwards… to madness.

This is a compilation post of Take 1 and Take 2 from my main blog. From the suggestions I got from my fellow bloggers, I might as well talk about this half assed fan-fic of mine here. XP
There are some bonus stuff near the end. Hope you can enjoy it nonetheless. =)

First off, let me explain about the stuff I have been drawing, well on the ones I have posted on Deviantart and showed most of you all. I know that they seem very Gundam-centric but I do draw other things but they may interest most of you a whole lot less…

My Probably Lame Fan-fic -What is it Called?

I am currently heavily influenced by the Gundam 00 series for both story and tech perspectives. No matter how you can say it, the G00 series has the most detailed tech explanations in the whole Gundam franchise. Much better than the HAXXOR in SEED by a long run.

At first, I wanted to call it Gundam 00D, but then changed to Gundam 00T. At the end, it went back to Gundam 00D. The ‘D’ is a parody on one of the worst Gundam series ever made recently. Whatever you want to interpret from that lame title is up to you. I don’t think I can get any better titles anyways. ^^;


The story, though not much, has been running in my head for a while. I kept on sketching and refining on whatever ideas I’ve come with and over time, the overall designs and aesthetics improve, I hope. The earlier idea of the story places the events to be right after the end of the Gundam 00 anime with the hope of Setsuna becoming one with Gundam. Didn’t happen though. Another key idea was the use of Tau drives but that was technically impossible and hard to manipulate into a workable ‘I’m against the world’ kind of situation I’m aiming for initially.

In the end, for now, I moved the time of the story ahead by 20 or so years in hope that it look quite possible for a whole new set of GN Drives to have been made plus new organizations to appear…

The Basic Story

The story is not something what I would like to call original. I’ll be totally lying and should be sued for copyright infringement. This story is very much a parody (though not at the scale of Gundam-san) of most of the Gundam series ever made, more to the ones that are animated. I’m kinda surprised that the starting of Unicorn is similar to my story plot though. Not entirely the same but too similar for words to express properly. Maybe I copied it unconsciously after it aired (making mental adjustments) or I made the starting too Gundam-like. Whatever it was, it works, I guess. For those who read this would understand what I’m spouting now. The novel-like transcript is actually based on the Unicorn OVA first episode anyways but the story plot was not. ^^;

The main character believes himself to run a normal teenage life. He thought that nothing will go wrong… Well, you get the idea. With sudden events taking place before him, he gets shoved into the cockpit of a Gundam. Of course… to be truthful, he isn’t what he really thought he was.

The main character;
Name: Sean Guard
Age: 14

If you’re asking about the weird name, I tried to be as close as most of the Gundam franchise human names, yeah. ^^; As for why he kinda looks like Setsuna, there is a valid reason for that… It should be obvious to some considering how the G00-verse works.

The girl he is pulling along is;
Name: Rena Val An
Age: 14

As the city is being assaulted by EDEN‘s forces, Sean had to, well, escape. As he saw the girl who doesn’t seem to be running, he dragged her along. That, of course, leads to this.

Somehow, after taking full control of the Gundam, our main character here can kick some grunt ass to the nether region. The reason why he could pull of a miracle without any known prior knowledge of piloting a MS will be revealed…

After more turn of events, he finally meets Neo Celestial Being – an anti-war organization based on the original Celestial Being. The Gundam he piloted belongs to them, duh. Rena got a scolding for taking the GND-000 Spark Gundam, barely equipped out to a hot zone. Due to a change in plot elements lately, she doesn’t get scolded but hugged happily by her older brother Rino Val An.

Not making you read too much into unfinished work, here are some of the already designed characters sketches, one can already be found on my Deviantart account.

Name: Rino Val An
Age: 2X
More here.
Rino and Rena ARE related.
Name: Mai Aker
Age: 2X
Mai is related to Graham Aker, who is the father (please don’t die in the movie Graham!).

The enemy in this half-ass fan-fic is EDEN. I haven’t thought of how to expand the name like ZAFT or OMNI but I’ll try.

EDEN’s main purpose is to bring humanity to the next frontier. However, to push humanity towards their goals, there needs to be some action taken…
I haven’t thought fully of how they can be perceived as evil so some input is gravely needed. I’m not as good as Tomino or the guy writing Gundam Origins so making a Gundam bad guy is kinda hard for me. From what I can tell, Gundam antagonists are normally misunderstood and take the wrong actions even though their goals have some merits in them. For now, I’m just describing EDEN as a forceful group that tries to quicken human evolution.

Gundams – Part 1

For the first part of the story, there are FOUR main Gundams. I ran a SEED parody here and let one of the Gundams get stolen by some rogue scientist in Neo Celestial Being. More explanations as you read some of the details of the following Gundams.

GND-000 Spark Gundam

*This is the latest design for the Spark Gundam.*
Height: 15.1m
Weight: 20.3t

Spark is one of the prototypes made for the new generation of Gundams. It houses a new GN Drive which has been further miniaturized and tuned up in performance. A newly discovered material is now used for the armor of this Gundam which further increases its defenses making it more resilient against most attacks.

Under normal operations, it is merely equipped with a beam rifle, beam shield and two beam sabers. These weapons normally stay equipped on the Spark even though it equips the weapon packs.

It also incorporates a Core Figther System whereby it houses a core fighter. The GN Drive is installed in the core fighter similar to the Gundam Plutone. All Gundams in the GND line uses this concept unless stated otherwise.

GND-000 + WP-001a Sword Spark Gundam

*The second image is the updated design.*
Weapon Pack Weight: 3.4t
More here.

1x GN Anti-Ship Sword
1x GN Beam Boomerang
4x GN Sword Bit
1x GN Long Sword
1x GN Short Sword
1x GN Beam Rifle

This configuration will be the most used configuration. The sword bits are not controlled via Quantum Brainwaves but are managed via computer instructions through a Haro.

GND-000 + WP-002a Buster Spark Gundam

*This is an old sketch so the design is pretty outdated.*
Weapon Pack Weight: 5.6t

1x GN Mega Lancher
1x GN Shell Bazooka *credits to Nosferatu for this idea*
2x GN Pistol

This configuration is least used since Storm plays this role much better than Spark. It is used once in a while for specific missions. Rino piloted this before his Storm Gundam was completed later on.

GND-000 + WP-003a Dash Spark Gundam

*The left side has the older wing binder design while the right side features the updated design.*
*No, the Shining Finger is just for illustration purposes.*
Weapon Pack Weight: 2.3t

2x GN Blade Pistol
2x GN Beam Shield (Light)

This weapon pack is produced much later for the purposes of speed and long distance travel. The Spark may be quite agile thanks to the additional thrusters already implemented on the main body but the need to use Trans-AM to one-up the enemies most of the time can be quite disadvantages.

To ensure that the Spark can move at high speeds the pack is designed to manipulate most of the GN Particles to thrust which creates the Wings of Light (WoL) phenomenon. The speed achieved is close to Trans-AM and can be used for a longer period of time. However, recharging is required so continuous use is impossible. The WoL also produces after images just like Trans-AM.

GND-001 Vertigo Gundam
Produced by a different group in Neo Celestial Being and betrayed by the head scientist of this group… It was stolen and given to EDEN. Luckily, the Core Fighter wasn’t completed yet so only the body was stolen. The core fighter for it left unused until the GN Drive was required for a new Twin Drive Gundam…

E-GND-001 Vertigo Gundam Kai

*I barely drew this one due to it being rather complicated, mechanically. The second sketch is a semi-updated design for it. The swords should be bigger in the first sketch… oops.*
Height: 16.4m
Weight: 32.1t

2x GN Buster Sword
2x GN Beam Boomerang
2x GN Beam Rifle
2x GN Railgun
2x GN Cannon
2x GN Beam Shield

After being stolen to EDEN, it was modified slightly to house a GN Drive Tau and given additional arms (considering it was stolen without a single equipment on!).

Spark VS Vertigo

This is a must happen battle between Spark and Vertigo. The sketch is pretty old so both of them are in their older design states. It also shows some unused weapons for the Sword Spark. At least the Vertigo’s buster swords are properly sized this time. XP


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  1. chubbybots permalink
    13/04/2010 11:39 pm

    Wait a minute who is Mai’s mother then?? lol!!

    Terrific sketches and imagination man!! Even if its a parody thats a hell of an effort from ya.

    • 14/04/2010 10:47 am

      Fufufu, I’m actually half expecting the movie to have Graham make a relationship with someone. XD

      Thanks. =D Well, I not so sure if it a hell of an effort since I just sketch them whenever I have the mood only and my brain just thinks too much. Haha.

  2. 14/04/2010 3:44 pm

    *thumbs up*

  3. 23/12/2010 9:32 am

    great sketches man! love the gundam 00 style gundams. you got a great backstory too for the characters. Can’t wait till your done! when you refine the lines and the colour! it’ll look amazing!

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