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NG 1/100 Gundam Astray Green Frame KAI – Take 2?!


What’s this? More Gundam related randomness?! Oh my. My Astray Green Frame has now became a victim to my randomness yet again!
(FYI, to those who are wondering why these random posts of custom randomness are being posted on this secondary blog… well, this is sort-of its main purpose. XD)

After yesterday’s random gattai, I decided to once and for all, poke a hole in the right side skirt so that it can wield both its trademark weapon the twin sword rifle and the katana! Wield not only by holding but also being able to store them when not in primary use! =D

The normal left side skirt.

The "new" right side skirt!

I’ve been aching to do this since I got this kit a long while ago. Really just want to poke a hole there but couldn’t before. However…

Thank you 100% Discount Store! RM2.80 only! O.o

I found these at 100% Discount Store not too long ago and decided to buy as I thought it can be of use. Voila, it does work! However, it is not so usable in a sense as it doesn’t have a grip. These are after all, not for THIS purpose I used it for. XP

How did I do it? Well, I didn’t record the modding process but it is easily explainable.

  1. I compared the left and right side skirts. The left side skirt has a hole at default to holster the katana sheath or the twin sword rifle.
  2. Estimate the hole location on the right side skirt and draw a circle with a pencil.
  3. Pick a drill, preferably smaller than the hole size to be made and drill away.
  4. Test. However, it will most probably not go in.
  5. Use the next biggest drill and increase the hole size.
  6. It should work perfectly now. ^^
  7. Note: You may want to use some blue tack to hold it down while drilling.

And well, here it is!

If you paid close enough attention looking at the shots, you’ll notice that I’ve finally painted the hands too! Then again, some paint has already got scratched off or wore off from the katana especially due to extensive play and well, no top coat.

The katana can be said to be upside down now but I think it looks more right this way since I didn’t change the position of the pegs. All I did was drill a hole. Sorry for the lack of action shots though, that might come later if I feel like playing with it some more. It is pretty late over here already as I did this past 10pm.

That’s all for now. Until the next review or another random doing~
Shining: When are you gonna review me?!
Me: ^^;

5 Comments leave one →
  1. 01/03/2010 1:27 am

    well…no one can argue with that…
    2 is better than 1 after all ^^

  2. moemoekyun permalink
    01/03/2010 8:09 am

    dual weapon :D drill very usefull nowdays

  3. chubbybots permalink
    01/03/2010 4:17 pm

    Damn!! Thats a fuking cheap drill lol!!! Dual weapons is always better :D Plus you up the cool factor too!

  4. 02/03/2010 12:44 am

    what.. you want to make a Green Frame Gurren Lagann?

    • 02/03/2010 12:57 am

      OF course not. Those drills are for poking holes not dangerously adding dangerous sharp objects onto a model kit. O.o
      Then again, my AGF can now pierce the heavens? XD

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