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Lets Talk About Buying (Kinda)

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This is the 21st century, the year 2010 to be exact. Almost everything you see around you needs to be paid for in monetary terms. The only thing that can be said to be completely free in this world is air.

Why do we buy stuff? That’s because we need em’ like food, water, clothes, shelter and so on. But what about the other stuff?

Look at us, especially myself and the people in my blogroll (on the main blog), we buy many optional stuff. (Yes, I like the word “stuff”.) As for myself – I buy Gunpla, mangas, magazines, books, computer hardware and games besides the truly needed stuff we need for living. I also like to buy ingredients so that I can cook delicious foods. I can say that I like cooking but I don’t do it that often as I am quite the lazy person, seriously, even though people consider me as a hardworking person.

Anyways, the real question here is…

Why do we buy, sometimes sacrifice other stuff, to by these “optional” stuff?

When you think about, it’s weird right? You might even think, “Why the **** am I spending all my allowance/paycheck on this thing?” As humans, we rarely really think about why we buy certain stuff. Why do we buy magazines/books? To read and only to read? What is the point of simply reading? That’s right, we read to get information. Information is a basis of human knowledge that is required for one to get around.

Now, lets analyze, why do we buy… model kits, figurines and so on?

Stereotype thinking will normally reach the conclusion that these stuff is child’s play and should not be associated with an adult or young adult. Sometimes we get criticized that these stuff are toys and can be quite painful for our pride to take. Even so, is it wrong for an “adult” to play with “toys”? No, it’s not wrong. You’re never too old for anything, never. You only will let go of something because it doesn’t interest you anymore. We will “grow out of it” but it doesn’t mean we are “too old for it”.

Hmmm, that’s a bit off topic actually. XD

Model kits for example… after you have assembled them, they will act like action figures or “toys” in this time of day. You can pose them virtually in any pose you like. Parents (or grandparents), mostly those who are stuck in the older generation of thinking, may spite this “hobby”. But then, why is it wrong? Are they afraid that their child will not mature? What is “mature” anyways? A boring person who goes out to look for work, get married and gets children? If that’s the true meaning of “mature”, then it’s wrong (IMO). We are mature when we are in control of ourselves and do thinks we feel is required to enjoy life. We live, even though it can be harsh at times, to seek enjoyment in life (but don’t step over any boundaries).

As such, why do we buy them? Model kits are “fun” to build. Sometimes they can be used to challenge one owns creativity. We can do many crazy things with them and when successful, it creates satisfaction and “art”. As for figures, nendos and so on… hmmm. I can’t truly decipher that one as I don’t own one. But to my belief, it is because you like that character or character design, you would like to have one in real life to play around with. It creates a sense of “fun” as well. This works best when you create “stories” or something like that around them and playing em’ out. Well, even if you don’t play with em’, you like to keep them nicely in display which can be nice to see once a while. A calming effect on one’s soul I guess.

Well, I won’t drag this for long as I might go very far off topic as I think I’m trying to say other things actually. Haha.

In conclusion, I wonder as I am a curious person, why do you buy what you buy?

Is it because you “want” it? Why do you “want” it? Does it make you “happy” to own em’? Does it give a sense of “accomplishment” when completed?

And yeah, please read and answer this one guys! Sorry if its long and kinda twisty… hope I didn’t offend anyone… ^^;

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  1. Arein permalink
    25/01/2010 8:26 pm

    I buy non-essential stuff because it gives me the sense of satisfaction.. I buy gunpla because it gives me something to work on in a creative sense, an arts and crafts If I must say.

  2. evangelisque permalink
    25/01/2010 9:46 pm

    I enjoy collecting. Since young, I’ve thought nothing of spending my allowance on stuff like pretty notebooks I never use, and cute erasers I end up keeping. xD;

    I guess I like amassing stuff – I have quite the problem letting go of stuff XD -, plus it’s true that I’m pretty materialistic. Clothes and shoes and bags don’t interest me, and anime and manga have always been the focus of my attention, so it made sense that my money went into anime and manga stuff and merchandise.

    Does it make me happy? Yes~! Sense of achievement? Definitely; one of my main collections was complete to me, and up till now, I still feel happy thinking about it.

    Do I buy because I “want” something? Yes, but only if I know for sure that I really do want it. I’ve ended up giving in to one-off temptations, and sometimes I look at the items and wonder if I should sell them off to another collector who can appreciate it better.

  3. 28/01/2010 1:04 pm

    Its a general misconception that model kits and figures are kids toy. The toys of yesteryear cannot compare to the detail and complexity of current standards of construction.
    I often getting remarks that my collection are childish (riiiiight…) and are a waste. What, just because I don’t collect “normal” things like stamps, vases or painting it doesn’t mean they simply label them as such. To me, collecting those are like… watching the grass grow. Its too… common. But at least I’m not a fanatic that collects each and everyone of the specialty items.

    If they have complaint about hobby, all I can say to them is:
    “Get in the line and fill in the form”. (if they find it XD)

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