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TT Hongli PG Wing Zero Custom WIP 2 – Legs


Phew, just finished the legs. This time it was quite new to me as I had to put together some die cast parts and a spring mechanism.

Nothing too hard and the parts virtually go in nicely except sometimes you’ll need to apply some extra force to stick em’ together. If you look at the shots properly, you can see some stressed plastic spots for the inner frame of the hips.

For those who are thinking of getting this bootleg PG, I highly advise you to go at it slow and always have a knife handy. There were some excess plastic spots but nothing too excessive.

If you can see any form of smudges in the shot, its probably due to me using a drawing pen for panel lining. It doesn’t work as fast as a marker. =P

Okay, that’s it for now. Might build the head, torso and waist tonight tomorrow as they practically go together due to the LED gimmick. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use the LEDs though as I don’t have the right batteries available. Don’t fret, Ill try something. ^^;

Note: For the screw shot you see above, its for the feet (IIRC) as I put in a shorter screw (wrong screw) in the earlier shot. @_@

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