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HG 1/144 GN Archer Quick Review


Boxart Pose

1200 Yen

Okay all, its time for another quick review! However, this time it’ll be a lil’ different since I’m testing my new background. As I have rearranged my room recently, it gave me the opportunity to have a more easily accessible photo-shooting spot. At the same time, I’m able to take advantage of some sunlight as well although my room is not well lit by any forms of sunlight. ^^

GNR-101A GN Archer
Pilot: Soma Peries
Height: 25.8m
Width: 11.6m
Head Height: 16.9m
Armaments*: GN Beam Rifle(2), GN Vulcan Gun(2), GN Beam Saber(2), GN Missile(16)

*GN Archer only comes with the GN Beam Rifles and the GN Vulcans are most likely used for flight mode.*

I bought this a while ago at the same time when I bought the Arios that I just reviewed earlier this week. Just like that review, this review is short and simple. However, I’ll cover some of the basic aspects of the GN Archer.

So, for those curious about the HG GN Archer, read on for the review. =D

Before you see the pictures, here are some notes you should know;

  • I accidentally broke the elbow connector on the left arm, which lead to the initial reason for me to now want to review it. It was quite the mistake. D=
  • Please do not take off the sensor unit unless you are not using the sticker provided.
  • I quickly panel line it before the photo-taking of this review. I only did the main body.
  • I’m testing a different background and lighting. The lighting is natural sunlight for almost all the shots except for when the wing binders are taken off(they are earlier shots).

After seeing that, here’s the basic run-down of the GN Archer;

  1. It is quite small in size. You can see that easily when compared it to the Arios. Thus, it can be quite fragile. So do handle with care if you plan on building one. I did break an arm after all.
  2. The wing binders can act as a second pair of legs… similar to that of the Freedom. However, unlike the Freedom, it is not as back-heavy… well, I can’t really tell if it is back-heavy or not due to the length of the wing binders. XP
  3. The wing binders can turn around quite a bit and does not necessarily need to be vertical. You can turn it to a horizontal position as well. Sorry, forgot to take a picture of that… ^^;
  4. The legs can go up so high due to the non-existent front skirts.
  5. The transformation is really, really simple. There’s nothing much to explain about it though there is no locks for it so the flight mode body is quite flexible. Don’t know if this is considered a bad thing or good thing.
  6. The Archer Arios gattai is quite simple. Story-wise, the GN Archer attaches to the rear section of the Arios, where the GN Drive is, to recharge as it doesn’t carry its own GN Drive. IT is quite sturdy on the stand as well.
  7. Too bad it doesn’t come with its own beam sabers. Then again, it doesn’t to seem to pose that well with beam sabers anyways IMO.

Overall its a pretty okay model kit. If you have the Arios, you may want to get the GN Archer as they go together like… mech couples. Its also pretty nice to get if you like the aesthetically feminine shape and build of the MS.

Since it doesn’t have any “upgraded-form”, I can recommend you to buy it if it appeals to you well enough or it meets the criteria I said above. ^^

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  1. Chris permalink
    27/11/2009 7:06 pm

    lol Twin Buster Rifle attack is a staple of your review’s pose?

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