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It’s a Sign: My Dreams Says “Get a Xbox 360”


Xbox 360Last night I had another dream. Well to be frank, I’ve been having dreams non-stop ever since last week that kinda makes my brain works a wee bit more than I’d hope especially since I was studying for my finals.

So last night, the night when all my papers were done with, I dreamt of opening a box, a gift probably. Opening it and sliding a white plastic item out, a Xbox 360 was within my hands. Oh what joy! It must have been a Christmas dream! I was so happy that I had trouble deciding which television or monitor to connect it to to play it immediately. Sadly, I was awoken abruptly by my younger sibling… sigh, too bad it couldn’t continue any further than that.

So, does that mean I am to get the Xbox 360 is I get the chance or it was just some wacky dream due to not having any current gen gaming consoles? Whatever the meaning, the dream was trying to tell me something, maybe.

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  1. moemoekyun permalink
    31/01/2010 1:45 am

    you know your dream is right because soon or later you will found cheap XBOX360 so you save money till that time come to get the XBOX360

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