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MG 1/100 Gundam Exia “Ignition Mode” Quick Review




“Premium” Price: 5000 Yen
Normal Price: 6500 Yen

Before we begin, I like to mention that I haven’t put together the repair parts of the Ignition Mode so that part of the review will have to wait. Sorry if I put your hopes up to see that part of the review. I’ll try to put that part up by next week if I’m not to busy by then with real life importance.

The commentaries for this review will be at the end of the post so that you can see the photos first and understand what I say.

Note: Yep, still trying out WordPress’s different blogging functions. This time, I’ll see if the review turns out okay if I used the gallery function completely instead of lining up the images and separating the post into many pages for one review.

~Building Process~
If you bought the Ignition Mode, you’ll need to obtain 4 LR41 batteries. It can be cheap or expensive depending on where you can get it. For me, it only cost me a measly RM2(way less than USD1).

The hardest part was the LED units for the GN Drive. It seems that the screws did not want to completely go in so some extra work was needed. I ended up using blue tack. Luckily, it can’t be seen after the GN Drive is completely assembled.

This model kit has crazy articulation as you can see from the photos. I barely have to explain about this.


  1. GN Drive can light up, front and back.
  2. “Toes” of the feet can move up and down.
  3. Translucent hologram cables that shines different colors under different angles of light exposure.

~Early Conclusion~

  • Major improvements from the NG Exia.
    -Sagging legs problem gone.
    -Better color separation for head and weapons.
    -No need for part exchange(For GN Blade holsters).
  • Amazing articulation.
  • Clear hologram GN Cables are nice to see.
  • Clear orb parts are molded in clear green.
  • Metallic plated parts.
  • Repair parts.


  • Weak ankles, though not as weak as my Freedom.
  • LED units cannot be shut tight easily resulting in the flickering problem.
  • GN Sword connection to the arm is loose.
  • Fixed neck.
  • Hands seems to be a bit small and comes off easily.
  • Not a complete inner frame.
  • The arm sags down a little when the GN Sword is in sword mode.

Overall, thus far, the MG Exia impresses. No product can go without cons, even the MG Exia. As far as this review has reached, the MG Exia(normal version) is a good buy. It has a good amount of gimmicks and articulation that doesn’t disappoint. It has amazing part separation that makes painting less needed especially for less serious “Gunplayers”. The normal version costs 3800 Yen which is pretty reasonable for such a great model kit and fully recommended by me if you want the MG Exia but not interested in the metallic parts, LED units and repair parts.

That’s all for this compilation review. The original version can be found at my main blog.

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