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SD Gundam G Generation Wars


IntroPlatform: PS2, Wii
Language: Japanese
Those who are familiar with the world of gaming and Gundam would already know that the latest SD Gundam G Generation game just came out earlier this week. With that in mind, I manage to “get” the Wii version first as it came before the PS2 version which I should be playing with instead. Lucky for me…

Lucky for me, the one and only Wii emulator, Dolphin works! Oh yes! So lucky for me though I did have to find an older release of the emulator to run any games without doing a NAND dump from a real Wii(maybe I should give my friend another visit next time…). If you have a real Wii, you can dump your NAND files and put em’ in the folder of the emulator.

For those unable to locate r3311, here it is. If “something” happens, I might have to remove the link from the post later on, so for those who still wants to play the Wii version of the game should get it quick. =P
Otherwise, you can always try the newer version, r3972. =)

The emulator is pretty dandy – working with my near ancient computer which only has a 1.4GHz AMD Sempron and a yesterday budget graphics card known as ATI Radeon 9550SE. =P Its a bit laggy on this computer, but then again I’m not using my main computer. The lag isn’t so bad for this game, only evident when computer becomes busy, while emulated on old computer hardware.

EDIT: I used Dolphin version r3311. If you want the link, pop in a comment and I’ll look for it again. =)
EDIT 2: Read my newer post here on the newest release of Dolphin Revision 3972.
EDIT 3: Some corrections and a link to Dolphin Revision 3311.

At any rate, this game is fun. Strategy RPG elements plus Gundam? Pure epic win especially with the huge amount of units in-game(though the numbers are largely contributed by lesser units).

Character SelectThe first thing you have to do for this game is pick your “Master Character” or “Scout Link”, the main character you’ll be controlling until you finish a story section. The “Scout Links” ranges from the very first Gundam series to the latest series, 00. I picked Setsuna as I wanted to use Exia before any other Gundam. XD

BuyingYou can buy “units” such as warships(the place where your deployed units will come out), mobile suits(MS), mobile armors(MA) and air crafts. Luckily, you can get a certain battleship for free.

GroupsSince this is a strategy game, you can control a variety of characters in one stage, though limited to the amount of Capital you can spend. You start with 50000 Capital, 1 warship, 4 Gundams and 10 pilots(1 being the master unit). I spent 20000 each for 2 Exia Basic(the best MS you can get when I picked Setsuna as the main unit) before I started my 2nd game. My 1st try came out bad, real bad.

Mass Produced Exia FTW!I kick start the game and played the original Gundam storyline first which is also known as UC0079. If you play this game simply without thinking of a simple strategy, be prepared for some pain as negligence can cost you.

There are quite a number of series you can follow but each of them has plus minus 5 stages. Short as it may sound to you, the difficulty level can be annoying if you do not level your units equally and have a balanced group.

If your MS is defeated, you’ll lose the MS forever, stats and everything(except Option Parts – add ons for your units). However, the pilot will always escape the explosion. =D Then again, if a “Master” of your battleship dies, its game over.

When you’re playing a certain pilot’s story, that pilot will not level up. For example; if you pick Setsuna as your “Scout Link”, his MS will not level up if you play the 00 stages. Playing other pilots’ story like the original Gundam you’ll fight alongside them(but they will not level up at all, unless you have them as your own characters, and can become a huge burden in the later stages). Personally, make sure you use your own units more than the given story units as you’ll want to make sure yours level up during the game.

To be specific, if you have a main character pilot in one of your warships, like Amuro for example who is at level 50, you’ll need to summon his warship(that he is in) if you want to use him at that level for his series. Otherwise, he will default at level 1 on his stages and cannot level up.

Every stage has 2 “War Triggers” for “War Break” where enemy reinforcements comes in when you meet the given requirements. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good if you’re farming for EXP and Capital but bad if your units are already meeting their end… It is also important if you want to see the whole story and unlock certain cutscenes.

Also, in every stage there is a “score” on the top left of the screen which is actually the bonus Capital you’ll get when you clear the stage. You’ll also unlock a random option part every time you complete a stage.

BattleEvery time you initiate your attacks or get attack, you’ll be prompt to either play the battle scene out or just skip it. Skip the scene and all you’ll see are the units slashing each other on the map or a “Miss” sign appearing above their heads.

Giving the killing blow to an enemy unit will let your unit get another turn – called “chance step”. When your pilot is level 1-9, they can only continuously attack for a maximum of three times per turn. For every ten levels you achieve, you gain another “chance step”. Once your pilot hits level 91, they will have infinite chance steps. Furthermore MP(Morale Points) are gained. When the unit’s MP bar maxes out, your unit will go “Super Saiyan” and land crazy **** amount of damage. If your unit is strong enough, it can practically mow the area as long as the energy bar(each attack you do uses up energy) is not depleted yet.

If you want to do more damage, make sure you line up your units so that their attacking range can intersect the same enemy. Make sure they are not grayed out as only “active” units can combo.

UpgradeExchangeAs this is a SRPG, your units can level up – except battleships. Mobile suits and mobile armor can be upgraded into another unit when their level is right, exchange into different units or you can combine blueprints to enable new units to be buy-able.

Ace PointsCharacters can level up and collect “Ace Points” depending on their battlefield performance. Ace Points lets them upgrade certain stats higher than default.

I haven’t finished the game yet as I am currently level grinding and money is not so plentiful when you get your units accidentally destroyed. ^^;
At any rate, I’m still having fun with the game and its causing me to not be able to sleep properly for the time being. XP

Okay, so I finished the game last weekend while playing it on the PS2 instead. The game was very long and you’ll definitely need to grind some levels and collect a good amount of capital in the beginning(which is very tedious) before you can even begin to play the stages smoothly(especially the Ex stages). Of course, once your units are at a good enough level, you can breeze through most of the game without much trouble. So, grind first or else you’ll have a hell of a time. I can’t deny that I used a bit a of “help” to play the game since I was cut short of time as I won’t be filled with so much free time very soon…

So, that’s it for this random WIIFULL post. Yes, I’m still trying out WordPress. That’s the reason why I posted it here. Otherwise, it would be on my main blog. Hrm, maybe I should make this a “EMU FUN HIJINKZ” blog. XD

Extra Note: You may want to read the comments of this post for more insight. If you have any questions, please do ask as I fear I did not cover enough ground in this post to satisfy all your possible questions specially from the emulator aspect. For gaming questions, you should go visit GameFaqs.

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  1. Entiety permalink
    07/08/2009 1:56 pm

    Mind telling us wihch version of dolphin you used? =)

  2. 07/08/2009 2:10 pm

    I used version r3311, 32-bit. =)

  3. bbq permalink
    21/08/2009 8:39 am

    would be nice if you can give us the link

  4. 21/08/2009 9:23 am

    You can try the new version of Dolphin which is revision 3972. Seems to work without the NAND dump for me.
    If the one from the main website doesn’t seem to work for you, you can try to get it from here instead.

  5. Van permalink
    25/08/2009 6:36 pm

    i have both dolphin version you mean, do i need a nand dump? i click both of the click you given me. i really wanted to play this game and the only game i wanna play.. bastard why do they release in ps2/wii. should have been ps3. on other hand, i need an emulator that really works. havent got the iso or the game, so i wanna know is they any config that i need to do??

  6. 26/08/2009 12:06 am

    You don’t need any NAND dump for the versions I stated as I didn’t need any. The only settings you have to set are the Wiimote and the graphics. The graphics plugin that works is unfortunately only the OpenGL one as the other one doesn’t seem to work. For the graphics plugin, you’ll need to go to the “Advance” tab and tick the “Use Safe texture cache” so that the screen will be more color accurate.

    What I failed to mention in the post is that at some times during gameplay, the colors can get distorted. Then again, at least the emulator works. =)

    If you want to try the PS2 version, the PCSX2 emulator also works though you’ll need to find/get the bios and have a relatively fast modern computer.

  7. Van permalink
    26/08/2009 1:08 am

    oh, thx by the way for the link.
    ps2 version oh i might give it a try. i wonder my spec will support wii emulator. though i seeing you using ur 1.4ghz amd, mine 2.2 ghz core 2 duo, 4 gig ram and 1gb nvidia gf 9600m gs should improve abit better but im seeing alot people using dolphin emulator is around 3.0 ghz minimum.
    do i need other stuff to make the emulator works?
    thanks again for the link and showing how sd gundam is a great game to play haha.

  8. Van permalink
    26/08/2009 11:28 am

    do i need to rip it into iso for the game?? just tried pcxs2, that need to rip into iso the game first before i could play. what about wii emulator? help me XD

  9. Van permalink
    26/08/2009 7:49 pm

    i tried pcsx2 already, still lag when the ms explode or when special skill used in battle.. zzz

  10. 26/08/2009 9:37 pm

    @Van: That happens to me too. Nothing we can do about it. ^^;
    We can only hope that the future PCSX2 will become faster.
    Anyways, sooner or later, you’ll probably be skipping most of the battle scenes as they get very repetitive after you see the same attack a few times.

    For the Wii version, I think you’ll need to rip the iso as well or just get the iso through “certain means”.

  11. shidiq permalink
    16/09/2012 3:43 pm

    where you download sd gundam generation wars

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