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NG 1/100 Gundam Exia


IMG_6134 I like how the picture uploading works. Seems to be much easier to do than Blogger which can only upload at most 5 at a time. For WordPress, I only need to browse through my folders and highlight as many pictures as I want and hit upload. Easy and simple, I am very impressed. ^^

At any rate, for those who stumble across this currently in testing-phase-blog;

This model kit is my very first No Grade(NG) 1/100 scale model which I bought last year while I was at Kuala Lumpur(KL) for a family trip. Seeing as there was a sales on Gundam model kits, I decided to start on a new hobby which I soon find out can be quite unforgiving to your wallet and time. Nonetheless, as long as one enjoys building and playing with the model kit, it shouldn’t be too bad. XD

First off, some comments on the model kit itself. =)

  1. Building
    Building this model kit is practically a breeze. Nothing confusing as long as you read and follow the manual properly. Just make sure you have a side-cutter with you beforehand.
  2. Painting
    You may want to do some minimal painting such as clear green for the clear parts and some panel lining. It does wonders to the overall appearance. =)
  3. Articulation
    Articulation wise, its amazing. Double jointed elbow joints and hip joints enables it to do many dynamic poses though the hip connection seems to be problematic and will quickly degrade. This causes the leg to become weak and dynamic posing or normal posing starts to become a hassle…
  4. Conclusion
    Don’t waste your money here and go for the MG 1/100 Gundam Exia instead, which is more detailed, since it already came out last month unless the 1500 Yen difference is that big for you…

Now, some stuff I want to say about WordPress…

  1. Uploading pictures feels quite easier. Mass uploading FTW though the total limit of 3GB might scare some. Then again, Blogger total limit is 1GB. After a bit of playing around… when you mass upload, the pictures are inserted into a gallery and 1 post can only have 1 gallery normally. To post pictures separately, I need to upload 1 picture at a time, which seems to be more tedious. =/
  2. I can edit the links? Sweet, like this I can have shorter links for each post.
  3. Easier to use “read more…” function. Love it. Blogger needs some extra customizing in the XML to even have the function.
  4. Personal customization of the theme of the blog is practically none-existence for free users. Seems like I need to put up some cash if I want to customize the blog further than using preset stuff… ah well.
  5. Some more functions I have yet to touch like widgets and those other editing buttons I’m not too familiar yet. ^^;

That’s all for this random sandwich post. =P

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